Kent – Started back in late 2010 with a 1980 donor bike.  Got that bike running, and tore it down.  Frame is from Paughco/Mr. Lucky’s.  Reused stock front and rear wheels, discs, calipers, forks, and triple tree.  Rear fender is courtesy of 7 Metal West.  Tank was a freebie from a buddy.  I think it was a stretched tank for a Softail.  Took 4″ out of the front and 5″ out of the back and re-tunneled.  Bars are from Craig at Front Street Cycle.  Threw together a different electrics box.  I just wasn’t thrilled with the old TC Bros tube.  Seat is a Biltwell covered by Hard Luck Designs.

It took a lot of body work to get the tank back to looking decent.  Sprayed tank and fender with TCP Global Hot Rod Flatz Copper Pearl.  Frame is sprayed with ceramic chassis black.  Engine is otherwise stock with a pair of Mikuni VM34’s, Pamco ignition, and PMA kit from Hugh’s Handbuilt.  Pipes were made by GordonScott Engineering then I sprayed with a high temp coating and wrapped.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look!

Kent Vanderploeg

xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana