XS650 SideTracker

JD Bailey – This was a “winter project” turned two year build. The bike was bought as a runner. Well running with a bad tick turned out to have very low compression and had been run low on oil for a long time. After a full rebuild, and a couple of parts set backs. She runs great and puts a smile on my face every time I kick it over.

Chassis / Suspension/ Brakes /Electronics
•       De- tabbed frame
•       Tx500 tank with relocated petcocks and flush gas cap
•       Omars rear tail section
•       Sportster headlamp
•       Drz400sm footpegs
•       Forks have new springs and gold valves – Fender mounts shaved by Hugh’s handbuilt
•       Powder coated stock triples with Pro taper fat bars
•       K & S switch gear from Dime city cycles
•       Zx10r radial master cylinder and clutch perch
•       Dual drilled disc’s and powder coated calipers
•       Omars 19” rear conversion and 520 sprockets
•       Knock off Ohiln’s shocks
•       Custom battery box holds all of the electronics
•       Motolana turn signal brackets and signals from dime city
•       Acewell 2853 speedo / tach from dime city

•       2nd over rings and pistons
•       New cam chain
•       Wrinkle black powder coat
•       Boyer micro power ignition from MMM @ 650CENTRAL.COM
•       VM34 carbs from MMM @ 650CENTRAL.COM
•       Wired from scratch using weather pack connectors
•       Custom pipes from Gordon Scott Engineering @ xs650exhuast.com

•       Velorex sidecar
•       Custom subframe made by Gordon Scott Engineering
•       Beefed up / Braced frame added the step and custom fender mount
•       Custom fender and sparto tail lamp
•       Extended swingarm and progressive shock
•       16” xs650 wheel / axle conversion
•       Re-upholstered seat
•       Spit the tub in two and raptor lined the bottom and interior

Paint /Powdercoat
•       Roth flake – Warm Beer Metal flake Over black with black graphics by Chris Gott of Sterling Hotrods.
•       Hours and hours of sanding
•       More sanding
•       Everything that is not painted flake has been powder coated by myself

The tub was pulled out of a barn in WV with lots of damage with the help of Scott from xs650exhaust.com we got it mounted up proper with a killer subframe and suspension mods to make it all work as one. My brother Chris Gott from Sterling Hot Rods handled the paint and laid down the slick flake job. And all the powdercoat work was done by myself. Thanks again to Scott @ www.xs650exhaust.com , MMM @650central.com and Hugh @ hughshandbuilt.com and Dan Sugrue “Nubbs” for the photos.

JD Bailey


  1. Nick says:

    That is tight

  2. mike says:

    Those wheels and that chain are sick!!

  3. pickles says:

    Super-effin-awesome! Killer build and badass paint; what’s not to love?!

  4. DENNI$ says:

    JD…. wow!!! Abso-LUTE- ly gorgeous!!! very ball-sy concept, outside the hardtail box. How does it handle with the tub on the side? Still got plenty of power with a passenger?
    Also would like to know how you managed the left front disk/caliper setup. Again, wow: concept, paint, details, craftmanship, you rolled a winner!

  5. pickles says:

    Expect a lot of love from everyone for this build.

  6. DENNI$ says:

    I also get the feeling you live kinda close by in west PA?

  7. JD says:

    Thanks for the complements guys. It still has plenty of power with a passenger for around town driving. However you won’t be overtaking any trucks at highway speeds. The dual disc conversion is really easy just get another rotor and a caliper from a 1100, an extra hose and what ever master you want to run. Also I’m just outside DC in the VA subs

  8. Barney says:

    different indeed. neat sidecar.

  9. DENNI$ says:

    1100, huh? cool, I have a bunch of those parts. Thanks

  10. 14 Kustom Motorcycles says:

    Very nice Bike. . . Congrats. . .The chain looks excellent

  11. Deweychop says:

    That’s hottness

  12. VoodooTimm says:

    rad bike man diggin the side car.

  13. El Gaucho says:

    Awesome package! (that’s what she said) Everything flows very well and those parts look like they were made to go together just that way. Love the dirt bars that perfectly match the mag wheels. ….and the flake job…….there’s gonna be some jealous bass boats out there! I hope you got a nice helmet to flake out to match! Well done, bro, well done.

  14. CruzBoos says:

    JD … You’ve got the idea to keep any mate happy! Pack a small cooler and head off into a sunrise … that will have her really tweaking. Just hope that there are some quick disconnects for a fast getaway. Put her on two wheels going around those sharp left turns.

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