Seven Sins Chopper is making super sparkle metal-flake grips called “GALAXY GRIPS” made from high quality durable rubber – ribbed for your gripping pleasure. They are available for both 7/8″ and 1″ handlebars. The Grips come with a solid dose of flake and look killer. If you pick up a T-shirt this week you are entered to win a nice set of  “GALAXY GRIPS” metal-flake grips.

Contest ends on 9/30/12 – Buy a T-shirt and you are automatically entered.

 We’ve got M, L, XL and a box of XXL.. * Free Shipping in USA and Canada. 

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  1. Joe McNinch says:

    What if i bought one last week!?

  2. Pjbii says:

    Me too, just bought a shirt last week, bout three days ago. Do we get entered too?

  3. Ted says:

    Thanks For picking up a T-shirt Joe. Every single shirt helps support the site and pay for all the site upgrades – server bill etc. To answer your question the contest is for this week 9/23/12 – 9/30/12 – I’ve got boxes of T-shirts that I need to get sold. We came up with the contest over the weekend so we can’t go back and retroactively enter everybody into the contest – It’s for this week. Thanks again man..

  4. Ted says:

    Hi Phillip, Thank you For picking up a T-shirt..

    The contest is for this week. Its just a fun contest to help sell shirts. Seven Sins Chopper was cool enough to offer up some of their metal-flake “GALAXY GRIPS” – if you want to enter this weeks contest you will have to pick up a T-shirt this week. We may do another contest next week we or not – it all depends on how things go. If you do buy a T-shirt this week you have a chance of winning a set of “GALAXY GRIPS” – and if you don’t win you end up with a nice T-shirt at a fair price with free shipping.

  5. ghostshadow says:

    those are sexy grips. Definitely like the shirt, just wish it was black w/ white ink.

  6. Voodootimm says:

    I wish the shirt was black. the designs killer, light colored tee’s just aren’t my gig…

  7. Ted says:

    We did a black one a while back – can’t make everyone happy but glad you dig the design. They’re actually selling okay – every sale helps support the site.

  8. Ted says:

    They are pretty dope grips. I got a blue set, but I’m not putting on my bike until after I’m finished and everything is powder coated.

  9. Ted says:

    David Ray from Anderson, CA – USA is winner for the contest. Check your e-mail David.
    Thanks to Seven Sins Chopper!

  10. jonejon says:

    Too bad I didn’t win. The grips look awesome.