Slob Bobbers

Wyatt – Gday mate this is my first ozzy build shes all but finished as of now lol 2’drop in rear and 4’in front. Its 4′ stretch in the tail and i customised the neck with a 2’stretch and a couple degree de rake yes de rake something different and think it come up good.

I wanted it to look like a bmx, got the ebomb and tank metal flaked red with black base coat, i got a club running its called slob bobbers so stay tunned for more builds, cheers maggots give me feedback


  1. taffy says:

    nice bike mate,what hardtail is it ?what part of oz are you from and whats this club your running?is it just for xs,650s?i just bought one ready to chop .looking for a similar from w,a,

  2. Schmeel says:

    I likey

  3. ghostryder says:

    i like it, definately got the bmx

  4. ghostryder says:

    i like it, definately got the bmx

  5. fanoboss says:

    Very cool with a distinctive style, kicks ass.

  6. pickles says:

    I dig the bars and front end! Looks good!

  7. Barney says:

    It looks good. Not much travel in the front suspension huh?

  8. Uncle Bear says:

    Looks like a Speedway Racer with the de-raked neck, cool. Now take it to the track.

  9. CruzBoos says:

    Lookin’ good dude. You got her dressed just right. I guess that she has a mind of her own with the “de-rake” and that she’s quick to lean over. Just look out for those potholes with just an inch travel in those front tubes.

  10. dex82 says:

    love it. as said, watch the bumps. i get all fuzzy over the high tunnel peanut tanks, put one on mine and this one looks great. don’t know about the de rake, would seem to make her handling a little quicker than i’d be comfy with, but you’ll know soon enough, and it does look cool

  11. buster says:

    me love you long time,velly nice to likey the bike ,me want one in china for get the rice.

  12. dex82 says:


  13. joel mekolites says:

    very nice

  14. Christopher says:

    Taffy the hard tall looks to be a David Bird hardtail from LowBrow just look at the link for LowBrow right next to the pictures

  15. ThaKydd says:

    what size are the tires front and rear? love the stance

  16. GUY says:

    YEAH COOL !!!

  17. 14 Kustom Motorcycles says:

    I love that BMX handelbars. . .

  18. kp says:

    way cool ride…hey,are you in Australia,what part???

  19. Boon says:

    Be good to see you on a half pipe, BMX look you nailed it. I would go straight over the bars trying a stoppie .Fantastic love the tank.