La Crescent High School Chopper Club XS #1

Scott Martin – This bike is being built by high school students, after school, in La Crescent, Minnesota.  This is the first year the club has been in existence in La Crescent, so we’re keeping the build pretty basic, hard tail, PMA kit, homemade exhaust, homemade solo seat, and handlebars. We are planning on showing the bike this March at the Donnie Smith Bike Show for the Chopper Class Challenge.

Thank you to everyone that has donated and helped us out so far, TC Bros., Hugh’s Handbuilt, XS Charge, Lowbrow, LC Fabrication, BAAS Metalcraft, Premiere Powder Coating Inc., Root River Powersports, Relic Pinstriping (sorry if I forgot anyone here, it’s been a long day)!  You can check us out on facebook too if you search for La Crescent High School Chopper Club to see more of the build.

Also, about the post title “XS #1”, we’re planning on another XS next year, so if you want to help us build a killer bike, feel free to donate part or knowledge to get these kids.


  1. pickles says:

    Great build! Keep these kids building awesome chops, and PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY GET IDEAS OUT TO THE REST OF US! Thanks for sharing, and of course, GO BEARS!
    Chicago baby…all day, everyday.

  2. fanoboss says:

    The newest faces of the XS 650 revolution. Great Job on a very Cool Bike.

  3. aldo says:

    ca cet une école

  4. turdherder says:

    Great looking job guys (girls included in that statement). Who gets to do the first ride?

  5. Qball says:

    One more reason my school days sucked
    Great build keep it up!

  6. TED says:

    Nice looking chopper it’s great to see the the new builders for the old school look.

  7. Cameron says:

    Great looking bike. Awesome project, I wish I had something like this in my high school. Are you also working on a GT-40? You kids are lucky to have a teacher like this. Best of luck in the future.

  8. CruzBoos says:

    Great job to the class. I dig the exhaust flow and I’m sure that there will be more bikes coming out from the school. I believe that we need to get as many fresh hands dirty.

  9. El Gaucho says:

    Yea, who gets to ride it? I’m sure there will be some bickering over that. I know I’d be all about riding it. I wish they did cool stuff like this when I was in high school. Awesome project!

  10. dex82 says:

    the great thing about this is kids are actually getting hands on and productive experience with a great lifestyle/hobby/obsession (whatever you want to call it- the last one applies to me). and even when bikes aren’t mainstream anymore, especially now that the discovery channel has pointed its fickle little attention span in other directions, there will always be people who love bikes and there will always be people who build them. yeah, wish they did stuff like this when i was in school. looks good so far

  11. dex82 says:

    oh, and hugh king is NOT the chopper king

  12. RJ from the ole school says:

    In the above pic I see six young American kids who are willing to meet the challenges of planning, designing, engineering and building a worth while project bike,,,instead of being the average teen I-Phone Dweeb,,,,not to mention learning how to finance and procure materials,,,,my hat’s off to all those vendors mentioned who helped make this kind of project possible,,,,,,,,WE ARE STILL the BEST COUNTRY in the WORLD and these kids are the proof of it,,,,,,,,,

  13. Vigo The Carpathian says:

    I’m having trouble being enthused about this given the absolutely pristine condition the donor bike was in.

  14. turdherder says:

    Are you kidding me, these kids stripped it, installed the hardtail, made the seat, pipes, handlebars and what else to make this happen. Do you feel every bike has to start out as a basket case to be appreciated or deserving of credit. Kudo’s kids, once again a great build, be proud!!!!!!

  15. Vigo The Carpathian says:

    Perhaps you misunderstood. I’m not diminishing their achievement. I’m more commenting on the fact that the donor bike was in gorgeous condition and it’s a shame to see such good looking bike cut up.

  16. turdherder says:

    Vigo my sincerest apologizes for my misinterpretation of your comment. Your right, it was a gorgeous donor.

  17. Shad says:

    Nice wheels I almost did my mags this same green but in the end decided I couldn’t do it glad some one did ,,