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Josh’e Random Dude Award


Slob Bobbers


Wyatt – Gday mate this is my first ozzy build shes all but finished as of now lol 2’drop in rear and 4’in front. Its 4′ stretch in the tail and i customised the neck with a 2’stretch and a couple degree de rake yes de rake something different and think it come up good. Continue Reading →

orange – 2XS

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Hi my name is steve aka xsive the orange bike called 2XS. It took 500 hrs and 60cases of (procrastination fluid) beer.  To much to describe but most common questions asked is about the rear end, its suzuki gsxr. This whole bike was built after i bought a harley seat that looked comfortable and the rest was built around that. Continue Reading →

FIL Chopper Build writeup – HHB


Hugh – My Father In Law got the bug to build a Chopper a while back, and being that I had just married his lovely daughter, I thought this might be a good bonding project for us. We sourced a decent 77′ donor bike with a title for $250, and promptly went to chopping on it. The first thing I like to do with any good project is research.. My FIL wanted a bike that looked as if it could have been a 70’s Survivor build, as if someone had found it in the back of a shed and just cleaned it up.  Continue Reading →

Hardtail XS Chop


First XS built very exciting about it! Hardtail weld on from TC bros, with loads of slef made parts.

André Dieterman



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