Mark Anderson – Veronica ’74

Mark  – First attempt, mostly done with a hacksaw, a drill and some files. Lowered 2″ front and rear, relocated electronics and rewired, made the pipe extensions, battery box, dash, light mounts etc.

Still not a finished product, the desired look seems to be a moving target, maybe flat track/brat style/Wrench Monkey hybrid type of thing.

Still need to remove all the frame tabs etc, but its all about ride time for now.


  1. Kellan says:

    Looks rad. Good quick re-design.

  2. Qball says:

    good one, should evolve nicely

  3. pickles says:

    Clean, subtle changes. Looks really good.

  4. Ben says:

    Very good work. I’d be proud to ride it.

  5. PlugHead says:

    Good lookin scoot, I dig it.

  6. El Gaucho says:

    Looks like a standard with mild tracker treatments. Love it. I’m a sucker for the standards, and so the long, flat seat just speaks to me.

  7. pratstyle says:

    what year is that front disc from? great looking ride

  8. Greazz says:

    I dig it ! good job, congratulation for your 650 from France ! 😉

  9. CruzBoos says:

    Yo Mark, she’s a great base to really do something with and the vision will come to you as you build her better and better.

  10. Newman says:

    Great looking ride, clean, classy, classic. My opinion is keep it as is and ride it! Try to Find a “special” and go as wild as you want with it. Thanks for the new posts!!!

  11. dex82 says:

    i agree with newman. i’m a hardtail guy but she looks clean and uncluttered like that. find one with a little scruff on her and fire up the sawzall.

  12. Mark says:

    Thanks for the comments, It’s good to know there’s so many others that are into the venue, ’cause it’s not big where I’m located. Since the pics, I’ve lowered and pulled the headlight back a bit and put on a smaller Bates style taillight, subtle changes, but I think it looks a little better, never liked the huge taillight I had on it.
    I recently picked up another XS and an SR, so now I can have one to work on without flipping out about having it ridable the next day.
    Big thanks to everyone that posts tech info and pictures, couldn’t have done it without the forums and things.
    Prat, it’s the original disc off a ’74, I just added the holes.


  13. Phil says:


    I’m glad to see this bike on here! I saw it outside of Joyride bicycles one day and took a picture of it with my phone. It has inspired my sons and I to build an xs650 of our own. We recently got a bike and began tearing it down. Where did you get the seat, and how did you lower the bike?

  14. 80metricbobber says:

    I think your front brake caliper is soposed to be on the back side of the fork Im not a yamaha engineer but I would put it on the back the way it came

  15. Kellan says:

    On the early 34mm forks, the brake is mounted at the front.