Board-tracker by 14KustoMotorcycles

Edgar – Hi. . . Its Me Again Edgar  from 14KustoMotorcycles, And this time I bring to all of you my first Board-tracker . . . The base is of course a yamaha XS 650 Mod. 78, and the frame is made by me. The front suspension is from a kawa 440 mod. 78 with a rake angle of 46 degrees and  I made a new front hub to admit the 36 spokes, the upper section of the frame is made in stainless steel and it works like the tank. Only five liters of gas can be stored, the front light is made from a old vw golf  fog light. I strip it out and made the case of the new light to combine with the tank, the handlebars are from a virago special.

Both rims are 21 inches with double purpose tires the rear one has an adaptation to receive the sprocket (32 teeth), the seat is made in leather and sew by hand (by me of course), the kickstarter has a old bicycle pedal, the plate holder, the intake manifold of the carburetor (2 in 1) and the complete exhaust system (2 inches) is made in stainless steel.

All the supports of the motor, foot pegs arms and the base of the seat are cut by laser in stainless steel and of course drawn by me in the computer. . . so you can see, I have been working a lot on this motorcycle. . . and I am happy with the result.

I am making Custom motorcycles in San Luis Potosi Mexico,when is my own project I use it for a year and then, when I am sure that the bike is working fine from everything, I sell it.  e-mail is

A question: What would you say is a good price for this bike. . I will accept offers, it is for sale. ; ) I hope you like my work on this Board-Tracker.

What do u think about it. . . . let me know.

Edgar Echevarria


  1. R. Weide says:

    Holy Crap! What an incredible piece of XS-Art! Very nice job!

  2. 14 Kustom Motorcycles says:

    R. Weide Thanks. . . .I spend a lot of time on this Bike. . .

  3. Darryl says:

    Edgar, Awesome bike! What took you so long to post it? I was bugging you back in November when you posted your cafe racer to post more on this bike! Great job! You should use this for your Facebook page!

  4. pickles says:

    Looks great, and is very nicely planned and executed! As far as how much money, I couldn’t say. How many hours did you put into it? Any engine modifications?

  5. RJ from the ole school says:

    very professional,,,,high tech engineering,,,you have a gift to build,,,,however,,,something I learned in road math class,,,,NO REAR FENDER + 70 MPH + BIG POT HOLE = MAJOR BUTT BUFF !!!

  6. Jeff says:

    Love it … love it … love it …

  7. Ben says:

    Nice bike. I’m doing one with 23″ rims. As for the price, I think the name says it all. Good starting point anyway.

  8. fanoboss says:

    THE SITE IS UP !!! WOOO HOOOO, nice bike

  9. guill says:

    absolutely beautiful!!!

  10. 14 KustoMotorcycles says:

    Thanks Darryl. . . and actually is on my Facebook Fan Page :

  11. 14 KustoMotorcycles says:

    Hi Pickles

    Thanks a lot. . . hours in this proyect. . . really couldnt say exactly. . . but al least every weekend I invest like 4 to 8 hours, during a year or two. . . and the engine is stock with a ported intakes and Exhaust.

  12. 14 KustoMotorcycles says:

    Jajajajaaa. . . .You are Right RJ from the ole school

    but I really do not like how the fenders looks like in this motorcycle. . .I will think about it, but everywhere I ride this bike somebody wants to see it. . . And I cant Refuse it. . . ; )

  13. 14 KustoMotorcycles says:


    Thanks. . . Thanks. . . and Thanks. . . . : )

  14. 14 KustoMotorcycles says:

    Hi Ben

    23″ wuauuu. . . I just cant get it here in mexico. . .Bigger = Better. .

  15. 14 KustoMotorcycles says:

    Thanks Fonoboss

    Finally. . this holy site its ON. . . . ; )

  16. 14 KustoMotorcycles says:

    Hi Guill

    Thank you very much. . .

  17. PlugHead says:

    Couldn’t wait for the site to come back to feed my addiction. As far as the bike goes it looks like a lot of fab work but not really my style, but hey variety is the spice of life. Congrats!

  18. 14 KustoMotorcycles says:

    Hi PlugHead

    you are absolutly right. . VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE. . . Thanks.

  19. El Gaucho says:

    Very nice work, man. I was planning on a swingarm bike for my next build as well. Mine will be fairly different, but nice to see a bike that still has a suspension that looks so kick ass!

  20. pratstyle says:

    i usually do not like trackers but this is a beautiful ride… very nice build..

  21. Well done Edgar, well done !!!!
    Great lines and stance. Bike reminds me a bit of a Hank Young creation, think by numberplates mounted on same place. Anyway, congrets on this nice built.
    Can we see some pics of the left side?
    Like to publish a feature about it in our Dutch XS650 magazine…. Mail you one of these days.

  22. CruzBoos says:

    Thanks Edgar for the gracious curves.
    Lets hear it for Ted for bringing out a real kicker after unbolting the stable door.

  23. Luis Nutz says:

    Impressive! Quite a bit of skilled fab work there. Lots to be proud of.

  24. 14 Kustom Motorcycles says:

    Thanks, El Gaucho

    but here in my city it has to have a suspension . . . I love the look of a hardtail. . . but almost imposible to use. . in San Luis Potosi. . .

  25. 14 Kustom Motorcycles says:

    Thanks Pratstyle. . .

    I can see about your “name” you are not a Bordtracker rider. . . ; )

    But a rider is a rider. . . Thanks.

  26. 14 Kustom Motorcycles says:

    Thanks Hans From Holland

    Really. . . it is a good think for me you make that comparison. . . or at least that my bike reminds you a Hank Young

    and yes i can send you more pics. . . thanks and we will be in touch.

  27. 14 Kustom Motorcycles says:

    Thanks CruzBoos

    And Ted too. for let me be, in his “new” page. . . That all of we love it. . .

    T H A N K S . . . . . T E D

    our Dosis of XS650 its filling

  28. 14 Kustom Motorcycles says:

    Thanks Luis Nutz

    the hours seems to be like minutes when you are doing what you love. . .This is my pasion Design motorcycles.


  29. El Gaucho says:

    Yes, Hans! I knew that seemed familiar! I like it! It also has a little Roland Sands flavor with the tall skinnies, monoshock and seat mount style.

  30. pratstyle says:

    had my first xs built into a brat.. what a disaster.. will post pics and description of its latest transformation.. it is a hard tail now.. but the Bordtracker look isnt out of the question for the next build!

  31. 14 Kustom Motorcycles says:

    : )

  32. 14 Kustom Motorcycles says:

    Thanks Man. . . .

  33. dex82 says:

    cool bike