under a pine tree for 20 years

Frank – 1978 650 picked up for 100.00 as scrap this gem has been sitting in the same place ever since i was a kid.  motor still rolled over had to cut the chain a beat the brakes off of it just to get out of the woods, it was leaning next to tree when i stood it up the grip was in the tree about 3″ carbs cables clutches even the neck bearing were froze tight it took 3 days and i took it for a ride now for the light build. this is my second xs project it will be a nice little bobber will post new pics soon thanks for letting me share…………..


  1. El Gaucho says:

    Doesn’t look bad for being under a pine tree that long. I’m guessing you cleaned all the sap off it before taking the pic, lol.

  2. buster says:

    All ive ever found under a pine tree is a stocking full of candy !

  3. scott says:

    are we just posting pics of any xs650 now, or can people wait until they’ve actually done something with them??

  4. Barney says:

    The seat is definately a keeper!

  5. Schmeel says:

    Good question Scott. I’ve sent in pics of my resto/mOd a month ago and haven’t seen it yet

  6. fanoboss says:

    That’s the same place my family found me…ditto scott and Schmeel

  7. Ted says:

    @ scott – XS650chopper.com is publishing whatever gets sent in that meets the minimum requirements – AKA – XS650 pictures and a bit of info.. Same as always – I think it’s fun to see the xs650’s that are trashed along with ones that are rebuilt. And I’m sure lots of people reading this site can look at the picture and see the potential. Additionally, Frank took the time to send in the pictures and write a paragraph – so I posted it.. If you have specific bikes you want to see posted – send them in!

    @ Schmeel – If you send a post in you should have gotten a confirmation e-mail. If you didn’t get the confirmation e-mail I didn’t get the pictures. Occasionally, when uploading 5 really large pictures some connections crap out and the pictures don’t get uploaded. It something I’ve been working on – but it also has to do with the users connection.

    You can e-mail me the pictures and info directly if you’d like to:



  8. mike lytle says:

    old Yellar lives…………….thanks for sharing

  9. Tebo says:

    Ted, thanks for clarifying, and Frank, thanks for sharing. Where a project starts can be just as interesting as where it ends (if there is such a thing). We’re talking about a love affair with a bike that’s over 30 years old (and some pushing 40). You gotta start somewhere, and a forum like this, full of design concepts, is a fantastic resource. Just like rock & roll, there is no right or wrong, no rules, no limits or expectations. It’s about putting your creativity and your soul into your bike. And the only person you have to impress is the person you see in the mirror in the morning. Drool, build, and ride.

  10. Schmeel says:

    Thanks Ted, but I’m have to wait, looks like I sold my mini sprint……. whichs means more parts and custom pipes. Yea

  11. Ted says:

    Thanks Tebo!

    Schmeel – Cool. Send them in when you can..

  12. El Gaucho says:

    Ewww, Barney, please tell me you are kidding about the seat! I bought a 750 special with that seat on it once. For as ugly as it is, it wasn’t even comfortable. Why anyone would spend money on that rubbish is beyond me.

  13. frank says:

    thanks for the comments it is coming along pretty good, as for the seat it has found a new home in the bottom of the dumpster the pan didnt even have a bottom it rusted off new part will be here next week and she will be on her first 400 mi trip and see how she goes the way i look at it is all it can do is break down, it just makes the trip more interesting i hope to post some pics next week thanks for again……..

  14. Columbia Customs says:

    Love it. I have a few pics myself of similar condition bikes in the back of my pickup truck.