The Brat Tracker

We were lucky enought to find a complete but corroded ’73 TX650 for short money.  The vision was Bratstyle meets Flat Track. So here goes:

Got rid of all unnecessary electronics & relocated battery & coils
Chopped rear of frame & added a drop seat kit from Visual Impact
( but not used as they intended )
Relocated top shock mount
Cut & reused original rear fender
Dropped the forks 2 1/2″
Shaved & polished them
Powdercoated rims & frame wrinkle black
Powdercoated tank & fender pearl white
Polished engine casings, triple tree top & hubs
Rebuilt carbs
Relaced wheels
Drilled & resurfaced front rotor
Fabbed license plate bracket
Rattle canned pipes with engine paint

New Parts From:
Lowbrow: Repop Wassell Tank, Biltwell Tracker Bars, Biltwell Seat,
Repop Bates Headlight, Ford Taillight, Old School Fabric Plug Wires, Cocktail Shaker Mufflers, Fuel Lines & Ignition Switch,
Mike’s XS: Stainless Spokes, Dust Boots, Front Brake Line, Solid State Regulator Rectifier, Carb Kit & Assorted Gaskets
Vintage Gran Turismo Grips, Levers, Cables,
Durand Kawasaki: Dunlop K 70 Tires & Air Filters
Ebay: Barnett Throttle, Honda Rebel Shocks
Bulk Lawn & Garden: Fuel Filters & Petcocks

Front Fender, Gauges, Mirrors, Turn Signals, Horn, Chain Guard or
Electric Start

It starts first kick, goes like hell & actually stops!

Elemental Surf, Skate & Cycle


  1. Kent says:

    great lookin ride man. glad you kep those rear shocks!

  2. fanoboss says:

    I want the whole front end. Very nice choice in grips and bars.

  3. PlugHead says:

    Nice build, looks like it would be fun to ride.

  4. Pete says:

    Wow awesome build really pro. Are you a shop or is this just one and done? I’m asking because the dumpster looks commercial

  5. mookie says:

    looks very nice.
    whycome the clutch and brake levers are tilted at such an awkward angle?

    are the drivers arms attached to his hips or something?

  6. davethewrench says:

    WoW Looks Great !!!!
    What Brand and Size of tire’s are those??? I really like the aggressive look

  7. DENNI$ says:

    I echo the above comments! You’ve put together a very nice package!

  8. Pat says:


  9. jesse says:

    i also want to know about the tires, but your petcock setup is genious, i never though of that at all!

  10. elementul says:

    Thanks. We couldn’t fit a normal petcock between the tank & the motor. The elbows are plastic & came from the local hardware store. The petcocks are from Bulk Lawn & Garden. They sell Cub Cadet & Stihl. I think they are intended for lawnmowers. The tires are Dunlop K70’s. We sold the bike & are now transforming the Fong Bros Chopp Junkie into a speedway bike for the street.

  11. Cody says:

    Looks great, I’m sure this bike is a blast to ride!

  12. roger C says:

    Wow I like it , has its own feel to it,meaty with the nobby tires but not to big. Black chromy and white nice, not too much white. Hey I’m building my 79 and want to know how you polished your clutch and chain covers? Thanks Roger and out!