MeXSican Blackbird

Sindre Skogmo – Hi,this started out as a 80 model. Bought it a few years ago unseen.I thought it was possible to put it back to near original,but the rear frame has had some modifications. So I then decided to do a Brat style thing.

The elec was a mess to say the least,all of the key components as CDI ,rectifier an so on was missing.
Thank god for eBay :-).Got the parts that I needed and decided to give the engine some TLC. New piston rings and valve stem seals and a good cleanup. Cleaned up the frame a bit and made some forward controls and a seat. Cut down the rear fender that came with the bike and made a side mounted back light and plate holder. Last spring I was able to get it out for the first ride.


  1. DENNI$ says:

    not bad looking. You have a nice flow from yammy tank thru the seat. the cover under the seat looks good, too. I like how the forwards are inside the framework instead of sticking way out. rubber pegs keep the ‘older’ look. Good job!

  2. DENNI$ says:

    Also, I’ve had the ZZ Top song running thru my head since I first looked at your post!!

  3. Sindre says:

    Dennis, there are worse things that could got stuck in your head than ZZ Top

  4. DENNI$ says:

    true enuuf, Sindre. I haven’t actually HEARD that song for many years, but I can still play it in my head!

  5. Ross says:

    Looks great. I also like how you kept the forward controls inside the frame. And the solo seat stands out nicely. Also how the the chrome on the carb filter matches the other chrome bits. Cool

  6. Kent says:

    i like this build a lot, reminds me a little of my own ride. glad you kept the swingarm.