Coal Racer, XS650 bobber


  1. PRATSTYLE says:

    Great looking ride there. How do you like the reverse levers?

  2. fanoboss says:

    Lets see you hitting the streets and roaring.

  3. Ryan says:

    Real nice!

  4. cruzboos says:

    Great work. I’ll bet that you’ll never stop tinkering with her and I know that you’ll get her wet with some colour. I always get goose pimples seeing these beasts shake.

  5. Al says:

    Um does anyone notice at the end of the vid when he burps the motor the rear wheel rattles? other than that, looks pretty good !

  6. PlugHead says:

    Looks good! I bet it would even look better running down the road.

  7. GUY says:


  8. El Gaucho says:

    Love it. Very raw. Even though I don’t totally love the bars, the reverse levers make up for them. Do you happen to live in eastern PA? That’s where I am and just south of the coal region.

  9. vincestagechopper says:

    …must change the back tire ?
    I love the box with brass
    What a lucky man 🙂

  10. nobody says:

    You’ve a ways to go my friend…..racer?….more like rattler at this point…..go through it with a fine tooth comb before you race anyone, please!

    …..and tune that motor…..

  11. pratstyle says:

    i did notice the fish tail will me melting the brake light after the rock guard and lens falls out….. loc-tite !

  12. Kent says:

    whoa, make sure you tighten your brake light lens/grill!

  13. jlow says:

    what did you make the left side brass cover from id like to use something like that on my bike to get the yamaha emblem off ..thanks ….cool ride

  14. Emeraldcopnj says:

    Nice !! What did you use for the headlight and tail light?

  15. carlos crayon says:

    DOPE BUILD!, but doesnt that exause tip kind of suffocate the motor?

  16. josey says:

    You ever find out where that brass cover came from?

  17. josey says:

    i would also like to know where the brass came from? or if anyone has any ideas for how to close a fake oil bags id like to do something other than endcaps