BARNYARD FIND! – Xs650 Cafe racer

Ok so here is my 1982 650 Heritage Special... Took longer than expected but from what I see that is not unusual. I bought it off an 80 year old gentleman whom found this bike in a barn about 10 years ago. Bike only had 3400 original miles on it when I got it… Needless to say the bikes engine is in Great condition but as time does take its toll things need to be changed, cleaned etc etc. When I got the bike it was a stock Black and had saddle bags .. I didnt take any pics of when I started picking it apart but you will get the idea.

I have a love for the old and I had an Idea, just not much knowledge of how I was going to get there. Little by little I got the parts I had in mind together off eBay (Headlight, Front & Rear Fenders, Tank etc.) and bought the ones readily available on Mikes. And so I started wrenching away in my shed.

I took the newly purchased wheels, spokes and bike to a buddy of mine David Maya whom also helped out with the triple tree, wiring and carbs.

Another buddy and I then made the seat pan out of fiberglass had a family member help out on the seat stitching and leather wrapping. I did buy the supposed Keihin carb kit and shocks from Mikes which was a mistake. I still have the carbs on but I did change to progressive suspension.

xs650 vid
Much thanks to my bro and friends.


  1. mark dalton says:

    Im rebuilding an XS 650 SPECIAL using mostly Mikes parts.I was looking at using the Keihin carbs.You say it was a mistake,can you say why because i dont want to make any expensive mistakes.
    Mark Dalton

  2. fanoboss says:

    If you ever feel a need to give this to someone who’s an Un-deserving beggar of all things XS650, I’m here for you bro’, lol. That’s a sweet bike keep it as original as you can. That’s a real keeper

  3. turdherder says:

    What did your headlight come off of? It looks like one off of an old Sears or Allstate from the 60’s. Did you retrofit an old bucket to accept a newer style clock. I like the look.

  4. DENNI$ says:

    Nice job. I dig the flow of the tank and the seat. Also curious about HL/speedo combo. That is what I’m seeing, right? that front brake m/c looks new as well. Also, does the rear fender pivot with the swingarm? Looks good!

  5. Juan says:

    Regarding the Keihin carbs off mikes… Carbs where tuned by one off the best mechanics around (David maya) he took the carbs apart back together along with the engine because he could not understand why he could not get it perfect… Very Long story short, Engine is in Perfect condition, carbs are not worth the amount of time you will spend trying to get the tuning near right… Contact me and I’ll let ya know more

  6. Juan says:

    Thank for the great feedback!! The headlight is off a hodaka and needed a little customizing to get a 2.5 inch mini speedo in there… As for the rear fender it does move with the swing arm 🙂 stay tuned for more at

  7. davethewrench says:

    Nice job
    And ya i like the clock too!!

  8. rozz says:

    What is the tank from?

  9. Emeraldcopnj says:

    Nice job ! I am in the middle of a bobber build of my 1977 standard. What headlight bucket did you use? Also, what speedometer did you use? How were you able to do that? Thanks !

  10. Juan says:

    Answer to your questions are 4 comments up amigo.

  11. Juan Rosal says:

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