83 heritage special

Jack – Its an 83 I picked up from an older guy that had at least ten of them from what I saw in his garage it only had 9000 miles on it. As of now the only mods I’ve done is a new set of TC Bros handle bars and billet aluminum handle bar bushings. Its a real clean bike for its age I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it or get rid of it for something faster I can’t decide chop it or sell it?


  1. ewan says:

    Well you can’t find a much better starting ground, so I say keep it and build away! 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    Yo know if we keep chopping them up we wo t have any original ones to remember by..
    I have a 74 stock and a pieced together 77 and another frame given to me for a bobber but I will keep the 77 frame. 74 n 77 both have matching number. Stock is becoming very rare.

  3. Ixion says:

    I’d say keep it, and keep it stock. Find a basket case to cut about – this is far too nice to hack up…

  4. DENNI$ says:

    faster????? hmmmmmmm……… BTW, very clean bike.

  5. mookie says:

    resist the temptation to cut it up.
    a lot can be done to a stock framed bike.
    leaving it alone is one.
    if you looking for speed you bought the wrong machine.

  6. Ted Hewitt+ says:

    Chop it make it yours

  7. PlugHead says:

    I think you should sell it to someone who will appreciate the fact that it is an xs650 and let them decide whether to cut it up or leave it stock. You can find a “fast bike” anywhere.

  8. fanoboss says:

    I agree with PlugHead and Mookie. Spend $5000 on making it go fast and you kinda ruin the coolness of what you got. Take off those bars because you’ve made it look like a Honda Trail 70, which is a great bike but def not an XS650. That’s just my opinion because you do have a beautiful 29 year old bike that’s virtually UN-MOLESTED.

  9. daisy (my dog's name) says:

    Jack, do nothing except put the old bars back on. Fanoboss is right. For now enjoy owning a a classic in beautiful condition. If you “can’t decide” then you shouldn’t touch her. Chopping a scoot is like marrying a woman: DON’T DO IT TIL YOU CAN’T NOT DO IT. You sound young, Jack. Take a tip from an old fart. Going fast is highly over rated. It can get you tickets and maybe get you in a wheel chair or dead. Enjoy, brother.

  10. Barney says:

    Why did you buy this bike again?

  11. DENNI$ says:

    he could name this bike “Can O’Worms”….. laffin

  12. davethewrench says:

    This is a chopper site
    Chop the damm thing that’s what they were designed around
    Stock XS is ugly and heavy

  13. El Gaucho says:

    Chop it. Save the standards, chop the specials. First tune those carbs though, you’re running way lean in the right cylinder.

  14. mario says:

    A burnt exhaust wow!

  15. turdherder says:

    It’s a tough decision because it’s in awful nice shape, but it’s yours do what you see fit. As far as speed they go pretty damn good stock and can be modestly hopped up for a reasonable price. If it wasn’t ridden like a dog it’s whole life it should run with and by most stock 883 sportsters. I can honestly say I have an stock 84 heritage special that is far from special in the looks department (ratty, but not by choice) but it runs like a raped ape. Speed will never go out of style!

  16. matt says:

    sounds likes some dudes should start up http://www.xs650stocker.com i love these bikes, but i love using a saws all more.

  17. Tebo says:

    Steve’s right (I think). If you keep chopping creampuff originals, there won’t be any stock specimens left. Go back and see if the old guy has an Xs650 that’s more of a basketcase (I have two. No, they’re not for sale. Yet…). It’ll be a more satisfying build to go through one of those from a**hole to appetite, because then you’ll know what makes ’em tick, and chop everything not absolutely essential. You didn’t mention how much you paid, but I’d put the original bars back on, and keep that ’83 bone-stock. Pick up another Xs you can chop without guilt.

  18. tazed and confused says:

    If they are not chopped, then they should be chopped. If they are already chopped, they should be chopped again.

    I have to admit, stock seats are comfortable though. Plus it’s all together, and you have the option of either riding or wrenching. Chop it now, or wait until winter.

  19. Jack says:

    I guess chopping wasn’t the right word to use I love the looks and style of a hard tail but not the ride. I’m thinking more along the lines of different pipes rear suspension and so on. I also keep all the stock parts so I could reassemble it if I wanted to. Also I mean faster as in being able to keep up on highway rides with my Harley and sport bike friends. I realize its never going to be FAST but just a little more exciting.