White Zombie XS 650

Richard – This is a 1981 XS 650 that I picked up for $700 bucks the head gasket bike had t was blown and the front brake was frozen. Took it home and started to strip it down and make a list of parts I was going to need from Mikes XS. Tore down the motor and rebuilt the top end the bike had 9000 original miles.

Then I starting cutting and grinding off all of the tab and gussets to clean up the frame. Instead of buying a off the rack weld on hard tail I took it over to my friend Greg’s fab shop and he built the hard tail with a 4 1/2 stretch. The tank is a Wassell I found at a swap-meet and the rear fender is from a Harley V-Rod the seat is Black Top Donavan the pipe is a 2 into 1. I shaved the lower legs and polished them and hand sanded the cases and polished them also.

I used a brass planter box for the electronics and battery box and switches. The bike took 2nd place at the Florida Biker Build Off in Clear water in the Bobber Class.

Richard Gagliardi


  1. mike lytle says:

    your hard work paid off……………nice lookin bike!!!!!!!! looks fast just sittin there….thanks for sharing

  2. GUY says:


  3. Tyrant66 says:

    Charming!!! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

  4. Nick says:

    Bad ass

  5. Barney says:

    Nice bike, how well does the tail light and license plate work?

  6. turdherder says:

    Nice job, but I don’t think I care for the tail light placement as far as saftey goes. Were already targets out there. I think I’d want to be a little more visible especially at night. Still, it’s a nice build!

  7. mookie says:

    looks good. i like the choice of white.
    looks “ride-able”

  8. Bykerbrad says:

    Nice man, screams influence of Fong Bros, which is a guarenteed win. Also, love the location of the taillight and plate.

  9. PlugHead says:

    Killer bike, makes me want to ride!

  10. El Gaucho says:

    I can dig it! Love the tank and paint.

  11. Newman says:

    Looks great! did you use the stock swingarm axle adjusters? I like it! Also can i ask what that dome type cover on the engine case is? I dig that too. Great build.

  12. cooter says:

    Looks good, but also looks like your tried to re create the Fong bros cream XS??

  13. ken says:

    Nice build I’m sure you will have a great time this summer riding it, wtf your in Florida you are able to ride most of the year around,, ccoolll, me well still waiting for the rain to stop here in the Pacific N.W, more time to build cool stuff, thats what I tell myself..
    Cheers, Ken Nice colors very cool..

  14. mookie says:

    just noticed the drum only brake choice.i hope that works out for you…i mean, motorcycles don’t really need front brakes.those things can lock up on ya… it’s not like someone in a CAR OR A TRUCK would EVER stop abruptly is it….
    best leave this one in the garage and on the internet.

  15. DENNI$ says:

    there is something about a white frame that just looks GOOD. maybe cause it’s so clean. that rear fender is a nice touch, good choice. very nice looking bike! pics of the other side wood be much appreciated, too.

  16. jo says:

    What kind of paint? And what year rims
    ? Good job.

  17. Tables says:

    Very pretty, While safety items can stuff up the look of a bike as @mookie notes, so does fast stopping traffic, keep you head up and your butt clenched.
    Really like the Invader look you have achieved with the front rim.
    Enjoy the fine weather and pick the bugs out of your grinning teeth!