under construction in hell paso texas

Trini – OK so i know its been awhile but “man time flys when you fall off the wagon”!! ha-ha nuff said anyways this is the updated version of the bike as you can see i stretched the neck gave it about 2 more inches of rake which in turn raised it a little higher which is ok with me.

Speedmaster wheel in front, fabricating my handlebars now and getting a custom tooled leather seat compliments of WICKED CACTUS LEATHER HERE IN EL PASO. gonna go with a pma  system and getting ready to finish all wiring then its off to paint **fingers crossed like a muthaf%*!@R!***

Well thats it for now ……. Trini Gonzalez


  1. fanoboss says:

    That took some planning. What size wheels are they ? Looking awesome.

  2. mike lytle says:

    have you thought about gussets up by the neck area to strengthen the frame?……..just wondering…….interesting build, I think the springer is going to look really good on this build, send in pics when finished, will be nice to see when it’s done……thanks for sharing

  3. What says:

    See if you can get the controls farther out front.

  4. turdherder says:

    Looking good but I like when the rear fender has an even reveal around the radius of the tire. I’m big on balance and symmetry but that’s just me. Nice job on the goose neck! I like the springer over the stock tubes on your first post back on 8/22/11, I wish I could afford to put one on my bike. Keep up the good work.

  5. Victor Hightest says:

    Trini HEY NOW

  6. JET says:

    Lomaland…79935 …Looks good, nice neck..

  7. El Gaucho says:

    I’ve been falling in love with gooseneck frames lately. That is a nice one too.

  8. captobvios says:

    I like that bike man! we just finished a couple and have another in the works up here in las cruces. Hit me up if you need anything. And lets go for a spin when shes done.

  9. Blackwidow says:

    So what are the wheels your running front and back I know you said speedster but is that a harley wheel??

  10. Trini says:

    The wheels are off a Harley -turdherder you read my mind gonna trim it down to make lines match a little better- mike little yeah we gonna give her some more strength in the neck still have a laundry list of stuff to do so hopefully she will be ready for summer riding with the CRUCES BOYS. 😉