Thaddeaus getting started

Thaddeaus – Bought a bone stock runner last year. Stripped it down and rode it; this year plan to get more done. Made a axle mount light/plate bracket, temporary solo seat from an aluminum street sign and a gate hinge, and modified a throttle sleeve to accept an old Schwinn grip.

Rebel shocks to lower the rear. Leaning toward a brat influenced build.


  1. Chisel says:

    Keep it simple stupid
    I have one that looks similar n one bobber. The simple one like yours I ride constantly. Nice bike enjoy it

  2. Ted Hewitt says:

    Looks like a good start Lower that front and she will be right.

  3. PlugHead says:

    I’m in the same boat, bought a stocker, made small mods and rode. Seemed like the thing to do while I wait on time and money. I like the schwinn grip,nice job.

  4. Confucius says:

    Confucius say: Man who pull out fast leave rubber.

  5. Joel says:

    Nice ride. A bates headlight would top it off.

  6. Joshua says:

    How do those pipes sound? Look cool.

  7. GUY says: