Shrek reborn

Tables – Well it is done, Shrek has been reborn. Everyone on this site seems to become totally addicted to these bikes and I ‘ve gotta say I am no different….”My name is Tables and I am addicted”. There I said it, what a relief. After many, many late nights of not seeing my wife or kids, grinding, cutting and banging away in the garage for the last 9 months I can now say that I have completed my first build.

I have felt like Doctor Frankenstein, tinkering away in the corner, making funny little bits, spending a ridiculous number of hours on some part that only I know even exists, and loving every minute of it.
It has been a massive learning curve for me, starting with only an idea I built everything on this bike, except the frame. I taught myself to weld, paint, airbrush, polish, lace wheels, electricals, spin aluminium up on the lathe, everything.

When I started I went to the scrap metal yard and paid about $15 for a bin full of little bits of rusty crap I found on the ground, this was to become all my forward controls, brake linkages, brackets, mounts, linkages etc.
This build has been an international melding pot also with parts scrounged at swap meets and from mates from Yamaha, Harley, Kawasaki, Jawa, Triumph, Suzuki, Honda, and unknown others going into the mix. While every nut, bolt, washer bearing, spring on this bike is new or rebuilt. I’ve now got some new ideas in mind, and even before I was finished I made some changes, but that’s cool. I had a sissy bar at first but got rid of it….actually it broke. After every ride I have to tighten everything back up, but that’s cool too.
I’ve got 8 bikes in my garage, with my main ride (up until I build this one) being a Harley, but one ride and I am already considering selling the Hog. Last weekend I went for a blast to my local haunt, a Café called ‘Pie in the Sky’, which is on a road loved by all riders in Sydney fondly called the ‘Old Road’. While there were about 40 or 50 bikes there worth 10’s of thousands of dollars my like hack was the centre of attention, especially when after one kick and she roared into life through the open pies. I could barely get outta the place through the crowd.

The grin on my face was from ear to ear all the way home. I have a couple of great mates that have been a huge help with this bike, Tony and Mark who help me get the bike home and then get it running before pulling it to pieces. Gaz for letting me use everything in his legendary workshop and for lending me anything I wanted, and Jay who owns a bike wreckers and workshop. His first words to me were “bring your truck and fill it up with anything you want…pay me sometime”. No words can say how cool these brothers are!

Thanks for the cool site Ted.


  1. Russ Archer says:

    Good looking bike ,great job on all the silf taught talents

  2. davethewrench says:

    Great Job !!!! Looks Awsome
    LOCKTITE is your best friend, no more bolt’s coming loose on long rides
    Enjoy the upcoming riding season…shiny side up:)

  3. El Gaucho says:

    I never saw a rear fender like that before. Interesting…..Always nice to see how the other side of the world does it!

  4. Tables says:

    @davethewrench, yeah loctite worked for a while but still came undone, I am going to drill every single nut and bolt and race wire the sucjkers in place. thanks for the thumbs up.
    @El Gaucho, the rear guard (fender) is a builders blank that the shops use on the front on those fat tyre builds, normally they cut patterns and stuff into them, but I like it for the simplicity.

    Be cool brothers!

  5. cruzboos says:

    Great job Dr Frank! Your creature lives and is terrorizing the minds of the local villagers. I truly hope that your monster doesn’t turn on you and wiring everything down works to stem the tide. Keep her on a leash dude!!!

  6. PlugHead says:

    Addiction is right, I’m not done with my first and already want another. Nice job looks great.

  7. Barney says:

    I love the paint!

  8. fanoboss says:

    Love the bike but I appreciate the story more. Thanks for sharing : )>

  9. DENNI$ says:

    Very interesting and forthcoming story on your build. The scoot looksgood! Great writeup, Tables!

  10. Uncle Bear says:

    Interesting mini-series. I see you have introduced an old-school chopper to the neo-bobber era and made it your own, congrats. You don’t have to safety-wire, get some permatex High Tack in the brush on can and apply to the threads and mating surfaces. It stays tacky and won’t loosen unless you want it to. Also thanks for not cutting the frame. It is an “AEE Choppers” frame from 1971 and they are rare. Looking forward to more installments of your never-ending build.

  11. El Gaucho says:

    AH, yes I see it now. I always use front fenders for rear, I should have seen that off the bat, lol.

  12. Tables says:

    Once again fellow cycle enthusiasts I thank you for your kind words.
    Re the paint, what can’t be seen in the pics is that I have laid down an intense metalflake over the top, it POPs right into your face, and then changes colour as you walk around…..MMMMM pretty.
    @Uncle Bear, firstly thanks for the suggestion of High Tack, that is a new one to me, I will greab some ASAP, and secondly thanks for the heads up about the frame being an AEE, can you tell me any more about it. I was at a loss as to its history…but now i am wise thanks to you.
    @Cruzboos, I ensure the vilagers are always scared, one way or another!

    Keep your Bum to the ground.

  13. Uncle Bear says:

    Tables, I have the same frame on an old xs650 chopper I got about a year ago. I didn’t know what it was until I tore it down. I had been researching old choppers for years on the internet and seen a few Triumph choppers with this frame. One day I found a page with thier old ad of chopper parts for sale and saw thier frames. That’s when I knew what make it was. AEE Choppers was a big chopper parts supplier in the late 60s to about 1972 when they went out of business. Just search the internet and you should find thier history. Mine was posted on here last year as “Uncle Bears Blast From The Past”.

  14. Uncle Bear says:

    Here is an edit on my post of a year ago. It is [Uncle Bear’s “Blast From The Past”]. Later

  15. Tables says:

    Thanks Uncle bear, I appreciate the info you are sharing with me on your post. I just went and got some Permatex High Tack and will try out soon.
    Ride Hard, but brake harder.

  16. tables says:

    nice bike josh

  17. cruzboos says:

    One day… I’ve always said that I will return to Manly and QueensCliff to check out some old haunts. I would be overwhelmed and dizzy if I could do it on a twin.Tables… I hope to have the privilege of hearing your beast in this lifetime.