My second ’81 XS650 chop

Bought this as a running bike two years ago. Trailered it home, rolled it up on the lift and started choppin’. My neighbor, Dan Dillon, is a real deal old biker. He helped alot even when it pissed me off.

He raised the bar on this build for me, thanks Dan!

Joe “Deacon” Cotten


  1. DENNI$ says:

    Nice looking bike, Joe. The 2-into-1 looks good, I like the fabbed control mount. what does it say on the e-box? How does seat leaf hold up?

  2. Barney says:

    The back of the tank looks like it’s about ready to pop off.

  3. DENNI$ says:

    also just noticed you reused stock shifter and brake pedals, nice!

  4. Deacon says:

    Thanks for the comments! The leaf spring is from a Harbor Freight trailer and is holding up fine. The bolt in the front of the leaf is a “Grade 8”. Been riding it daily since last fall, no problems yet. Did you notice the tabs on the frame below the seat? When my wife wants to go for a ride, I can switch the seat out for a king/queen and install the passenger pegs in about ten minutes. The electrics box and all the original pinstripe and lettering was done by Steve Kafka. It says “Deacon and Ladybug” which are mine and my wifes roadnames. Barney, the original tank was a solid mount sportster king tank which was two inches shorter and fit the lines of the bike better. High speed vibration broke the rear mount tab and opened a seam in the tank so it leaked. I welded a new thicker tab to the tank and found a thick rubber bushing to remount it, but until I can afford to “Redcoat” the tank, it hangs on the wall of my shop.

  5. DENNI$ says:

    Deacon – thanks for the reply. Clever to set it up for the quick change; maybe get us a pic of that next time. I also like the muted overall color, it’s a nice blend.

  6. scott says:

    thanx for the ideas