John’s xs bobber

John – I picked up a bunch of boxes full of xs parts and a titled frame for $50.  I got started putting it back together with a tc bros hardtail and after a couple months ended up with what you see.  It’s kick only with the battery and electronics all fit in the fake oil tank.  

There’s a few details I’m finishing up and then I’ll be bringing the frame to powder coating and the tank and fender to get painted.  I’ll upload more pics after it’s finished.


  1. turdherder says:

    Nice looking start. Are you really going to be able to fit your battery and everything else in your fake oil tank? Seems like quite a squeeze. I’d worry about chaffing and something shorting out. Keep up the good work.

  2. GUY says:


  3. fanoboss says:

    Where do you put your feet ?

  4. GaryC. says:

    Nice build. I’m using a small Shorai lithium ion battery that fits in a TC Bros. fake oil tank.

  5. DENNI$ says:

    nice work, John. Good lines. the rear fender and the mufflers go well together and the rear caliper is tucked in nicely. I personally think a small front fender would look good, and facilitate supporting the front brake lines. Butt thats just me!

  6. El Gaucho says:

    You got specs on that battery? And where did you get it? Sounds like the perfect thing for a bare bones bike!

  7. Tables says:

    Nice start to your endless build, I to like the exhausts, all the lines work well. But I have to agree about the chafing of wires and shorting out, these things vibrate and stuff chafes. But hey that’s part of the fun. Stay true to your build.

  8. mike lytle says:

    He don’t need no stinkin feet!!………..nice clean job……thanks for sharing

  9. ccryder says:

    Very nice build.
    I am wondering how you done your rear brake piston/caliper mount as the caliper needs to move with the disc when you adjust your chain.

  10. 77metricbobber says:

    Great bike she’s beautiful