John B – xs650

John B -This is a 1982 xs650 with lots of upgrades and additions such as PMA kit, oil cooler, chrome bolt kit for the engine, all new wiring, I added my bag under the seatand also installed LED lights on the bike.

Some of these pics are before I added some of the parts listed new pics to come after I put the new bars on it


  1. mike lytle says:

    I like the black case better than the shiny one on this build……..the rear fender looks a little wide for the tire……….just sayin…………thanks for sharing

  2. usp222 says:

    Awesome build this bike is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser, now just get a gary poh offset kit and put a 200 rear tire on there and your golden!!

  3. DENNI$ says:

    I never said that.

  4. El Gaucho says:

    I agree, the rear fender needs to be ditched in favor of something that fits the tire better. I love everything else about the bike though, especially the color!

  5. cooter says:

    Looks good, but that rear fender is just plain wrong!!!

  6. misfitskinny says:

    Like the color and those apes. That fender is pretty big, unless u were gonna put a passenger pad on there or go with wider tire. Might agree with Mike on the black case. Over all nice build, thanks for sharing, have fun

  7. fanoboss says:

    Black is best and green is okay…or is it chartreuse ?

  8. rogercoleman says:

    Everyones a critic! I like the back fender,not a lot of wires hanging off it either–clean– Hows it ride? Plus black is safe pushing the colar schem gives it its own build feeling great build

  9. John B says:

    Thanks for the comments but the rear fender is for a phantom pad for the wife to ride with me