I like it like this

Juan – It come with a 750 motor kit and two MIKUNI carbs… àndale!!!

Here is my version of the 650 xs. The entire front of the bike has been modified to accommodate a fork vmax 1200. shock absorbers at the rear from a 1200 Harley Sportster.

The engine is now in 750 cm3 + VM carburetors 36. an oil cooler recuperated on a Harley. the rear wheel from a 500 xs (18 inches) and finally a beautiful pearl white paint. more customizing advances, the more I like it!



  1. ghostryder says:


  2. billy the kid says:

    very nice combo

  3. billy the kid says:

    where can I get the same seat

  4. DENNI$ says:

    nice looking setup. front end looks great, even WITH a fender! is that a (splash of blue) stabilizer bar in pic 2? more/closer pics of the oil cooler, please.

  5. fanoboss says:

    Perfect fairing and forks…hmmmm $$$$.

  6. Ted Hewitt says:

    That’s a 750-Special Special. Nice looking Cafe Style

  7. Nancy Doom says:


  8. Andy Larmouth says:


  9. Joel says:

    I totally dig the oil cooler. Sweet scooter.

  10. El Gaucho says:

    That’s what Wabi Sabi looked like before I chopped her up, lol. It’s like looking into the past.

  11. srbtjeep says:

    I like the look, but you have the oil cooler upside down, so the oil will drain out of it when you shut it off, meaning the engine runs without oil until the pump fills all those hoses. Research it online, you’ll find lots of info.