Holiday Customs Curvey-frame 2.0

Curvey-frame 2.0
Jared – I got the bike cheap and in pretty rough shape. I wanted to build another version of my XS 650 that I could sell being that I’ve had people offering to buy my bike and that aint happening. I wanted to change a few things though. The exhaust bell bottoms took about 6 hours each, cutting, filling, bending and grinding. I really enjoy working with metal and making something out of nothing and leaving the bikes a bit raw so you can see the metal work that has been done. These bikes are not show style bikes, I leave dents and rust on my bikes on purpose to give them character.

The engine is stock but with a fresh top end. I had the bike built and on the street riding around this last summer not completely done then I had to get back to customer bikes so the XS sat for a few months. One day I pulled it out in the sun and noticed the clear coat had yellowed and chipped easily so I tore the bike back apart and used a different clear coat. While building it back up I fine tuned some other details and made a little build video.

The seat was made by Ginger at New church moto.  She is now in house here at the shop so If your in the portland area come on by and have a look.

I’ve been riding the bike’s around portland on the dry day’s running some fuel through them. The two bikes are twins but they have there own personality’s . The silver and black one is louder and rides a little taller in the seat, and the front brakes are better (bigger drum). The thought of having twins around the shop that I could just pick one to ride depending on how i’m feeling that day would be awesome , but the fact is I cant keep every bike I like so this one is for sale at

Jared Johnson


  1. mike lytle says:

    really like the electrical box you built……..this thing is very interesting to look at……doesn’t look so comfortable to ride, but very interesting to look at, if there is such a thing as flow………this must be it! thanks for sharing

  2. DENNI$ says:

    those mufflers are so cool on yer signature frame. Like mike said, the flow is just so eye-catching. E-box definately fits right in. Both these bikes are great.

  3. Ted Hewitt says:

    Nice lines you must have one hell of a pipe bender.

  4. Shane says:

    Really really cool and original those pipes are just about as radical as it gets. I am interested in building some fork covers like that. Any guidiness on how you do that would be awesome i was thinkin like 2 1/4 stainless exhaust tubing and acouple pie cuts or take a pair off another bike and weld the tubing on?

    Thanks Shane-

  5. El Gaucho says:

    Yea, tech article on those fork covers would be tight.

  6. Steven says:

    very cool styling of the frames….what are the chances of a frame like these that would take a ironhead?? just wieghing my options….rock on!!!

  7. What says:

    When you say “I leave dents and rust on my bikes on purpose to give them character.” it just sounds like your saying Im lazy. and that seat is stupid. Other than that its a pretty cool bike.

  8. Shellhead says:

    Awesome lines. Glad to see someone with the stones to do something unique. I really dig it.

  9. wally says:

    Dig the forks, Are they Fatboy legs or covers as indicated above?

  10. misfitskinny says:

    Very creative, unique!! Nice to see. great fabrication. I seen your video, boy u guys r some fast builders

  11. scott says:

    i wouldnt call it lazy just personality, and i love them both

  12. Schmeel says:

    Easily one of my favorite bikes of all time. If I only had the funds

  13. Billybob Wombat says:

    Enjoying the difference, well crafted mate.

  14. Martin says:

    What kind of oil tank is that? I am building a bobber myself and would like to put in the same oil tank, looks very clean and doesn’t take away from the ‘open’ feeling of the motor! Any info would be great thanks.

  15. reynoldburton says:

    Every once in a while there is a nice, creative hardtail build on here that does not go totally uot of proportion.

    Even better – here are two of them! Most creative & unique frames I´ve ever seen in the XS world. No eyesore @ all, just beautyfull.

    Some of my all time favorites. Unfortunately I can´t buy the one that´s for sale – there would be absolutely no chance for getting it street legal in the country I live.

  16. stanley says:

    any specs on those front wheel? id like to do a 21inch and drum and have no idea where to start