Future chopper (update)

Jeff – welll since last I posted i cut that perfectly good bike in half, stretched it four inches and dropped it two inches with a david bird hooped style hardtail, with a tubing bender me and my buddy brett built a new support beam for the motor support structure…..got rid of the lame exhaust and just went open ended and wrapped them, not pictured and still to come i picked up a 21″ spoolie front wheel for 40 bucks at a swap meet here not too long ago still have a peanut tank and lanesplitter bars on order along with the oil bag electric box almost there cant wait……hopin to have it done by my birthday in april


  1. J-C says:

    Love the look and stance of the bike. The David Bird looped tail is by far the best looking one out of them all. Captures the decade of the bike perfectly!! Will look great once you are done.

  2. mick says:

    Tail looks great. I hope u are planning on cleaning up the sheet metal in the neck area, to match that perdee tail…

  3. misfitskinny says:

    Lookin good so far. what kinda tank and bars are u gonna put on it ?

  4. DENNI$ says:

    yeah, that looped frame has a definate unique style. lookin good!!

  5. jeff says:

    I “borrowed” a set of beach cruiser mini apes off my buddies bike for the bars and scored an old school alien tank the other day from one of our local bike shops……I may wind up runnin the “peanut” from lowbrow if the alien tank is too shot out