Black Cherry Bagger

Patrick – My love of XS’s all started when my uncle gave me a couple bikes and extra motor, this 79’ and an 81’ special (one of my upcoming builds). Both of these bikes have matching numbers (frame and engine). After viewing all of the ideas on the web (especially this site) I decided just to ride it until the old tired motor gave up. I was fortunate enough to log about 450 miles before the end came. Oh, it would have gone further, but one of the locals in my area decided to pull out in front of me, causing me to lay it down. I turned out OK – just a few days of soreness afterward. But the motor was done, I was able to limp it home after the accident but it was leaking oil in way to many places to ever go down the road again.

Now before all of this happened, the bike really turned heads. I got a lot of “what the hell is that” most of the time. You see my uncle was able to blend an old Pacifico fairing onto the 650 along with some ’81 Goldwing GL1100 saddle bags and trunk. This basically turned it into an ‘Old School Bagger. Jump to Summer 2010. I turned the motor over to my uncle for a rebuild (mechanic by trade) and I turned over all of the plastic and body (less frame) over to my ultra talented bro-in-law (20 plus years painting) for a super cool paint job. Everything took longer than expected, which I understand it how it all goes during a project like this. I didn’t want to spend the time polishing the forks so I took a wire wheel to the old finish and I think it came out pretty cool. Wire wheeled all of the chrome to remove any pitting, dirt, grime, etc. I would have loved to re-chrome it all but … to much $$$

The paint is a Black Cherry with some red metal flake and it also has pearl marbleizing accents here and there. Ya there are a lot of things I could have done different (powder coated the frame), but for the most part I’m really happy with the way it turned out. There are little additions that I’m adding as the days go buy. I can update with some photos of the LED treatment that I’m currently in the process of adding in the next few weeks. I’m sure the charging systems will love me afterwards!

During this build I ended up with another frame and a cash of extra parts. This spring I’m planning on starting at least one more project, probably a bobber style. And… hopefully I’ll find time for yet another build during the winter with one of the other frame/motor combos I have packed away. I’d like to give many thanks to my Uncle and Bro-in-law for helping me make this happen.

Thanks! Patrick


  1. R. Weide says:

    Bike looks nice, but i guess you better should go for a Goldwing or something like that 😉
    But what the hell… being different is a good thing! 😀

  2. Nick says:

    Hell I like it

  3. El Gaucho says:

    I once bought an XS 750 triple that was bagged out like that. I took about 250 lbs of stuff off that bike and went cafe with it. I like baggers too, but they should be saved for bikes over 1000 cc’s, IMHO.

  4. tadd442 says:

    Prince wants his bike back!….j/k

    Looks great!

  5. mike lytle says:

    is the kitchen sink inside that top bag??………….thanks for sharing

  6. Pat says:

    I know it’s BIG and purple but I’m on the road and it looks incredible in the sunlight. I used the XS because it is what I wanted to work with and I have 3 more XS’s to build:
    1. Bobber – GI-themed due out later this summer.
    2. Café
    3. ??

    For the mean time my knees are in the breeze and that’s all I care about!

  7. scott says:

    Prince wants his bike back!….j/k had to

  8. pickles says:

    Have fun with it, and chop the Hell out of one of the projects. Love the cafe idea you got for your next build. Keep the shiny side up.

  9. ken says:

    I Love it just wondering how does it do on long hauls and freeway speeds, I had one back in the 80s and have forgotten what it was like?? Can you lay down 500 to a 1000 miles a day?? Purple COOL.. Ken

  10. mike lytle says:

    @ken………1000 miles a day??? I couldn’t do that in a new cadilac!!!

  11. DENNI$ says:

    I did 500 miles once, most at 70+. makes for a verrrrrry long day!

  12. Tables says:

    Love child of Erik Estrada (CHiPs) and Prince.

  13. Garry says:

    Looks like the bike in the prince clip purple rain. Have a look. Not being a dick. It looks like a fun build .