2 years and going

Michael – Started off as a very stock and very unattractive 1978 650.

Items changed-
g&l choppers hardtail.
Fully rebuilt motor by motomethod in Vancouver BC.
Hand made sissy bar, hand made exhaust with cocktail shaker mufflers.
Lovely ebay knockoff frisco mount wassell tank that leaked like a siv so had to fix some welds and sealed it with ‘Kreem’.
7 metal west ribbed rear fender.

Hand made mid controls, bought the g&l choppers mids originally but they sucked, if you want it done right do it yourself.

  • Avon 19″ on front, avon 16″ on back.
  • Original rake
  • Hand stitched leather seat
  • Fire Extinguished faux oil tank which holds boyer ignition box
  • Trimmed down the neck gussets.


This bike has changed a lot over the past 2 years but the bottom pic is the ‘almost’ finished product, just going to flake out the tank and fender. Michael Wilson


  1. fanoboss says:

    Truly amazing what simple changes like seat and bars can make. Cool Bike and transformation.

  2. GUY says:


  3. misfitskinny says:

    reeeally cool bike! Love the final outcome,especially those pipes are bad a$$

  4. Ted Hewitt says:

    Nice tranformation. Sometimes over time these bikes evolve into something special.

  5. mookie says:

    fer fu@%s sake people- put the friggin sawsall down for just a minute and THINK about what your doing!
    if you are lucky enough to come across a CHERRY STOCK 650 set it aside and find a
    rat bike to chop.kids these days….

  6. Joshua says:

    Hey mookie did you notice the name of the site your on? XS650CHOPPER!!! NOT STOCK XS650 LMAO!!!

  7. DENNI$ says:

    I tend to agree w/mookie on this particular bike. However, it’s so damn hard to find a 650 w/title that for some there’s not much choice. BTW, does anyone know a way to retitle a frame? I have 4 bikes w/o titles.

  8. beaver says:

    i want that exhaust!

  9. whatsamatterwithyouguys says:

    NEVER NEVER NEVER take a sawzall to a perfectly good XS!!! Use an air driven cutoff wheel.

  10. davethewrench says:

    Right On !!! chop em all, stock XS’s are ugly
    If your ever in victoria we should ride our choppers together
    What a Blast

  11. Joshua says:

    Hey Dave I’m in San Ramon, where are you from there?
    I couldn’t see myself riding a stock Xs650!!!!!

  12. davethewrench says:

    I’m from Victoria BC

  13. Joshua says:

    LOL that would be a trip!!
    Well the same stands here ,if you ever make it to NorCal let me know.

  14. Joshua says:

    Whats the point of going on a chopper site and cry about chopping a frame? really.
    There are some bikes that were great stock,here i just can say i bite in.
    Chop away my brothers and make history!!!!!

  15. mike lytle says:

    when I think of stock…….I think of cows…….when I think of cows…….I think of moo…….when I think of moo……..I think of Mookie………..when I think of Mookie………I think of CHOPPERS…………..

  16. scott says:

    I have a perfectly ya ok stock bike just waiting in the basement for a sawzaw and IWILL CUT IT soon

  17. Joshua says:

    Make sure to let the tree hugger pookie opps mookie know when you do!!!!

  18. Jangus says:

    Saw this outside the swap on Sunday. Really like what you’ve done. Took a photo it’s actually my screen saver at the moment. Inspired me to go to the garage and work on my two 650 projects that I have on the go.

  19. davethewrench says:

    Damm I missed that swap at the PNE
    Would have been cool to have my XS chop there too:(
    Can’t afford the ferry these day’s, waiting for the swap in Coombs April 1st
    Unfortunatly I’ll be on one of my Harley’s ..LOL

  20. i just bought a 1980 xs650 and am excited to start choppin!

  21. Eric says:

    Where or what did you find the rear spoke rim. I’m building a 78 xs and wanna go from mag to spoke.