yamasaki, called “not quite right”

Jason goldsberry –  Used the front end off a 78 kz650, the rest of a 79 xs650. I put on a visual impact brat kit, tc bros bars, mustang tank, and a few other bits from the kz. It’s a fun bike and fun to ride. Its my first build.


  1. 6thof7thgarcia says:

    With parts off a Kaw you should call it The Asian Perswaisan

  2. pete Bailey says:

    that discribes it

  3. Andy Larmouth says:

    love the paint scheme

  4. jason says:

    Called it that cause nothing Ive done so far has come out quite right yet. It’s always got something to fix. I know its no show bike, but it I like it.

  5. dex82 says:

    doesn’t have to be a show bike, man, in fact more respect from me if it isn’t. build it for riding, not trophies