Rootbeer Cafe

Jeff – My first try at a custom bike!!!  Bought this thing not running for $100.  Got it running then took the bike all apart and cleaned everything up.  Powdercoated everything black.  Re-laced the wheels which I learned from an article on this site.  Lowered it.  TCBros rear sets.  130 rear tire. Ebay tailpan.

Stock tailight with LED insert welded to custom mount I made out of an old mustang gas cap.  LED signals. Wrapped stock pipes.  Dropped front fender.  Mikes XS guages, bars, etc…

Dupont Hot Hues candy rootbeer paint.  I have about $1500 total in this bike.  Enjoy….


  1. mike lytle says:

    best friggin 100 bucks you’ll EVER spend!!!!!…………thanks for sharing

  2. DENNI$ says:

    how comfy is that seat? what part of Penciltucky?

  3. srbtjeep says:

    What did you make the cafe tail section out of?

  4. Alex55 says:

    Wow! Love it!
    1500? what!
    Question for ya, do you think if I run the tcbros rear sets, i could still find room for passanger pegs???