First Timer.

Brad – Traded a stalled V.W. project for a bike that had already been hacked on but it came complete and with a good title.Ive been admiring this site for a couple of years now and feel good about building my first bike. Started by calling Taylor at T.C.brothers to get their awesome hard tail,came to my body shop exactly when he said it would.This is a beautiful piece. Didn’t have ant problems welding it on.

A solo seat came with the bike but i don’t know who its from but i like it.Got a tank off some old harley from the 80’s.Found it in a guys barn and he just gave it to me,I love the shape and hope i can make it work.Plus free stuff is always good right?Also have drag bars for now.Next up on the list of things to do are plumbing the brakes,battery box,and all the millions of other little things that have to be done.Thanks to every one here for the great support and info.Peace – Brad Claussen


  1. fanoboss says:

    You have a great start and the best platform to work on, XS650.

  2. iamsofaking says:

    Thats a very nice start.

  3. mike lytle says:

    enjoy your time building, biggest mistake made by first time builders is getting in a hurry to finish! my advice is to get a chair near the build and spend some time just looking at what you have done and what you need to do next. again enjoy yourself, keep us posted on your progress, thanks for sharing

  4. Tables says:

    @ mike lytle, don’t forget about a beer fridge, many a great idea was had due to beer and spinnin’ the sh!t. Enjoy the ride and then when it’s finished enjoy that ride.

  5. Brad Claussen says:

    How did my post get spammed by a drug dealer?

  6. daisy (my dog's name) says:

    @ mike lytle. I’ve been building stuff for over fifty years and you just gave the best advice I’ve ever read on this site.