Anthony – XS650 First time builder

72 XS 650 with a hard-tail frame and a homemade fender. Working on forward controls and finishing it up.


  1. leebo says:

    Oh man, gonna look sick when finished.
    what kind of tank is that you got on it?

  2. tech13 says:

    Good looking bike, but when you say homemade fender do you mean that you modified a “pre-made” fender blank or trailor fender. Or did you actually make it from a flat piece of sheet metal?

  3. mike lytle says:

    you might want to make sure that the rear tire is completly aired up before you permanetly mount the rear fender………looks like it could use some air……is the seat mounted? it looks like it needs to be raised in the rear…..just sayin…keep up the good work………post us some pics when it’s done…….thanks for sharing

  4. Ronin says:

    Love the stance, goning to be one nice chopper when its finished!

  5. DENNI$ says:

    good points Mike! Great start.