1st attempt at love (73 TX)

My friend (Jeff) and I are  building this chop. It is my 1st build. We have used some Harley skins, with cut up pieces like the handle bars, exhaust pipes, as well as fabbed a few parts here and there. It has a Sportster seat, (MY old a.. can’t sit on those hard seats you guys are using today). I have some old Harley forward controls I bought to put on it (not on yet). i still need to wire it up.

I will be using 59 caddy tail lights with a twist ( I think people will like them when I get them on the bike). The front fender is a lowered stock xs fender. The and the back fender is also a stock lowered and painted fender. It is still a work in progress, more to come later. I love looking at all the cool rides on this site!


  1. fanoboss says:

    I agree, xs650chopper.com is the best sites on the internet. Keep on building !!!!

  2. Barney says:

    O h w o w . T h a t i s o n e s t r e c h e d o u t c o n t r a p t i o n .

  3. turdherder says:

    I think your shocks are layed down pretty hard to perform any kind of real function, if not a serious malfunction. You’ll have to let us know how it rides when you get her rolling.

  4. DENNI$ says:

    while your overall design is certainly an eyecatcher, with unique features, I also question the functionality of that rear shock setup. definately let us know how it rides. Be nice to see a few more pics, maybe some closeups. Good luck bro.

  5. srbtjeep says:

    The shocks are laid down, WAY too far. They’ll act as fulcrums instead of absorbing any shock. Hope you don’t kill anybody with that.

  6. El Gaucho says:

    I don’t want to be negative, BUT……When you’re building a bike, putting some work into making the lines of the bike flow a little goes a loooong way. Making things line up or flow keeps a bike from looking like 4 different bikes stuck together in a random manner. That being said, I do wish you well with your build and remember, it’s your bike, so build it how YOU like it!

  7. Hap says:

    Sorry to say this:

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

    There are some major design and engineering issues with this murdercycle.

    Good that your having a go, sad that you didn’t use the wealth of info on this site to assist you in the build.

  8. Troy Parker says:

    If you look closer you will see that the shocks have been moved forward in the top photo and are functional now. If they become a performance issue we will install solid struts. Yes the lines are off… this too will be addressed. Remember folks this is a build in progress, all comments are dually noted and appreciated. How many times have you mocked something up, then changed it later. No, I don’t do this for a living, its just a hobby (spare time sort of thing). However I do take in all the comments and I am trying to make it better and I enjoy sharing it with all the great readers on this web. More importantly I like to see more builds that others share. Thanks for the input and keep building…..(more to show later)

  9. Tebo says:

    Re: the shocks. What would be the functional difference between the angle of the shocks (second picture) and a softtail, mono-shock arrangement? Build it the way you want, although you may want to rethink the lines of the seat loop. That might even it out. Maybe find a tank that compliments the length of the backbone better.
    And I understand the “build-in-progress” part. Best of luck, we’ll keep an eye peeled.
    “It’s only impossible ’cause nobody’s ever done it before.”…Evel Kneivel

  10. srbtjeep says:

    Much better…I didn’t mean to be that abrupt, just saw what could be a safety issue and pointed it out. If you can mold the seat front to curve up to the back of the tank, it would improve the flow lines. (I feel like I’m watching the game films on Monday and telling the team how to play…LOL)

  11. Hap says:

    Troy – fair piont about a build in progress, I have concernes about how you streached and gusseted the neck, did you put plugs in the tubes at the joins? and the gusset looks like it would transfer a lot of energy to the bend/join, making for an area prone to fail.

    All the best with the build.


  12. turdherder says:

    Troy, nice to see your not taking offense to peoples comments. I think everybody’s sincere with their advice and wish you well on your build. I’ve been picking at my bike for a year and a half with little progress (due to money). Its easy to be an armchair quarterback.