Xs650 Danny chop


  1. mike lytle says:

    oh. Danny-boy the pipes the pipes are playin

  2. Ингвар says:

    good bike. and nice to look at the happy owner. Om!

  3. aldo says:

    belle bécane cool

  4. mookie says:

    i cringe when i see someone start one of these in this fashion…
    from the right, up in the air, side stand a wobblin.
    looks like a recipe for disaster.

  5. Joshua says:

    That is a badass build bro, love the paint and pipes!

  6. Tables says:

    nice old skool build Danny, in the wind brother. Diggin it,

  7. misfitskinny says:

    That is one sick a$$ build Danny !!!! Love those pipes

  8. Barney says:

    Lets see the suicide “in action”

  9. DENNI$ says:

    nice looking bike! sweet paint and whacko (in a very cool way!) exhaust! recommend you get some leather boots!

  10. dex82 says:

    nuthin to worry about, mookie. done it for years on a shovelhead (and still do) i weigh 190 lbs but there’s still no way i’d be able to start her straddling the bike. bought an xs650 a few months ago and just used the starter till i hacked her apart a few days later. waiting on parts before i can start to rebuild her, and starter may go in the parts bin, but she’ll probably be kicked the same way. bike looks good, lotta work in that paint job

  11. Everyone says:

    Whitewall has to go. Makes your great build cluttered.

  12. DENNI$ says:

    Everyone??!!??!? I didn’t sign on for that.

  13. Everyone says:

    I just havn’t seen “Everyone” yet and thought I would use it. Sorry it had to be on your excelent build. I like that you pulled together a lot of different styles/eras and molded them into one bike. Just tired of seeing items used on a build because someone thinks they have to: whitewalls, sporty tank, springer seat not on a hardtail, brass, trailer fenders, and most of all deleating YAMAHA from the side cases. I understand that everyone has a different style, but the above list has been overplayed and/or is just bad taste. Back to your bike; lets see some pics of this fine build. And to everyone looking, follow Dannys lead, build something outside the cookie cutter mold and make it look good.

  14. DENNI$ says:

    Its a better startup when its a hot day and the driver is wearing a filled up bikini!

  15. reynoldburton says:

    Very nice & unique build – I like it very much. But I have to agree to “everyone” in one point. The whitewall has to go after it´s worn out 🙂