xs650 Chopper 2 into 1 Amal manifold

GreensandFoundry – This is my straight mounted 1-2 manifold made to fit a standard xs cv carb,i made this because a number of people wanted it but personally i dont like the standard xs carbs so addapted it to fit a trusty old Amal MK1 930 Concentric. My range of xs parts is listed on UK ebay!!!!!… Cheers Melv


  1. Rossco says:

    Awsome vid!! great to see some British Talent on here!! Love the manifold, where is best to contact you to discuss purchase and set up etc! Currentley chopping a 79 xs and this would make it look so rad. Im in Leamington, Warwicks! Cheers!

  2. reynoldburton says:

    Hey Rossco, here are some of his awesome items he´s fabricating. Theres an ebay link to his auctions too.

    I really like his stuff – prices aren´t too bad also.


  3. mike lytle says:

    looks like it would have been cooler if you had run a double instead of leaving the single seat post part of the frame…. could have ran an air cleaner…… when you passed that car on the road I thought you were going to have a major wreck!!! you Brits drive on the wrong side of the road …..lol thanks for sharing

  4. Funnymachine says:

    excellent where in the uk are you mate?

  5. Funnymachine says:

    I bet your neighbours love you 😉

  6. SJ says:

    Greetings from the South Bronx USA, Melv. I’ll be forwarding your Ebay info on to my friends: Those manifolds are a welcome option. As for your exhaust note on revs, if I could buy an alarm clock that made that noise, I’d buy it. That’s my idea of music in the morning.

  7. Lance Boyle says:

    How can I find you on ebay?

  8. misfitskinny says:

    Very inventive!! The only thing though,is like Mike Lytle was saying, it runs into the backbone and u cannot get air cleaner on there. Is there anyway you could make one that would run to either side so you can put air filter on??? Plus I think it would stand out and look much better. It would then be more marketable, I would definately be interested !!! Let me know what you think on that

  9. Rossco says:

    Did people not see the start of the video when he showed you the new one?

  10. Funnymachine says:

    I was thinking that.

    Surely that was the whole point?

  11. Irish_prick says:

    I got a set of melv’s twin amal carb intakes for my ACO build and they kicka$$! there super clean and fit great!

  12. Rossco says:

    Thanks reynoldburton, I manged to find the ebay page in the end but it only has four items on it? Im still away working overseas for another 3 weeks so i’ll try and contact him whilst im away! The manifolds are perfect! I need one!

  13. mike lytle says:

    if the whole point was the new one why did he start and ride the bike with the old one??????????????? maybe I missed the part where he installed the new one?

  14. Tables says:

    Hey Melv, Love the look and the inventiveness of your long runner manifold, good luck with your stuff. I have to say that I also loved the honesty of your video when your bike had a flat battery, that is just so about bike building…funny stuff man. Thanks for adding some new products to our choices….and the laugh. Ride hard.

  15. mario says:

    Hi,Melv is it possible to put an air cleaner? as i’ve seen in your video the gap between the carb & the frame maybe one inch and also can’t find it on ebay uk…am intrested

  16. mr bkc says:

    ive got a 930 waiting to go on my current project. ive been looking for one of these, ill def be scooping one up.

  17. melv-greensand foundry says:

    Hello to everyone here on xschopper.com.
    Thank’s to all for your comments and questions,and sorry for the lack of replys but i’ve only just found out my video’s been put on here.
    If anyone would like to contact me, you can get me at chopsandbobbers@hotmail.com
    I also have another video of my angled runner manifold which will fit in a standard frame loop, you can find this on youtube under xs650 chopper 2 into 1 manifold.
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!
    All the best, Melv

  18. Ed says:

    I have looked at a lot of bikes on this web site and yours is one of the best looking ones. I have a 79 I am trying to bring back to life. Nice looking bike. I been riding for almost 50 years and have had a lot of bikes but always wanted a 650 Yamaha. Current bike is a ultra classic Harley but the Yamaha will be a good one to run around the mountains here.

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