The Gorton 650 Comandgo SF (streetfekkker)

Gordon – Well inspired by the fact that i could still ride two wheels after building a trike from my old  MKV Moto Guzzi  ( My first Moto_bility vehicle) my friends decided to give me  a couple of frames and boxes and boxes and boxes of bitswell the price was so small hence i call it Give. so we set too and built a XS650 B motor in a xs 650 SF frame.but they are purists and didn’t like the way i was modifying it but hell it happened anyway and still is.

Upon reading a British Classic bike magazine which stated and XS650 as ” the bulletproof Bonnie” i had to  laugh and call my bike the Gorton 650 Comandgo. If the poms can name it a bonnir i can call it a gorton i figured it fools so many people they come up to me and say wow that’s a rare norton etc. So next step is to weld up the Y and M on the engine cover and mill in H and H so it says HAHAHA.

Well ya gotta have a sense of humour in this world or you will go nuts so here it is The Gorton.


  1. IOCWA says:

    Very neat Gordo…

  2. mookie says:

    very nice and tidy.glad to see someone NOT cut half the bike off and throw the suspension away!

  3. steve says:

    I love it, due to the fact I had a build years ago and I picked up a Norton tank and put it on my XS at the time and drove out to BC with it saying Norton on it. I had no time to repaint because we were ready to roll.
    I really admire you humour and the full name of this gem.
    Keep em laughin.

  4. gort says:

    thanks for your comments its a lotta fun and the Gorton is getting a further refurbishment just highlty polished chrome,new old cone headlght, polished alloy triple trees etc new blue lacquer metal flake instead of enamel a really abnoctiously loud 2 into 1 megaphone as an optional bolt on. just made a mold of wifes butt to make a bug screen but it dosnt sit right nor look like i thoght it would….nevermind it will make a good seat for her on the 1950 james capiton or the guzzi. thanks again hes fun as the xs650`s are

  5. DENNI$ says:

    laffin at butt mold…

    echoing Steve, great write up, love yer smartass humor! the twist on the sNorton logo is just too damn funny. also like the way you show that the stock gas tank fits the bike very well, at least without a HT. Keep us posted!

  6. Adi says:

    Hey, I see (I think) you have twin disks but have managed to mount a lower mounted bates lamp. Where did you mount it too? Most people use the twin brake splitter manifold mounts on the forks but I dont know how you can if you are still running twin disks and the manifold. How did you get around it if you dont mind me asking?

  7. DENNI$ says:

    hey yeah, Gordo! what front end is that? I’m always asking about the dual disks for the front of the 650. whadja do?

  8. Gort says:

    ive posted a reply to Adi with pics so hopefully they will appear soon. im a bit surprised re these questions but hey happy to asssit
    the bike has xs650 SF frame 1978. here mikesxs description..
    Brake Hose Manifold for Dual Disc Brakes. Original Yamaha type manifold with mounting hardware and Banjo Bolts(2). Lower banjo bolt is the long type for fitting the dual hoses to the calipers. Hose Sealing Washers also included. XS650, TX650

    heres a link to mikes xs parts re front brake manifold

    i also hve replaced the front master cylinder with his one…
    76 Type Single Master Cylinder 16mm Bore Mirror mount has Right hand Thread. Adapter 16-3001 Fits: XS650’s Early Model 72-76
    the 16 mm bore is as large as the double resovoirs and works very well and is cheaper

    im sure that they are available worldwide i have just been using mikes xs as until now i dint know anywhere else hope this helps its a pleasure to rap about these awesome fun bikes. a mate took mine for a ride they other day 2 hours later he was back at the gate… his head was so big he cudnt get his helmet off anmd when he did the only thing holding his head on was his tonsils coz the grin was so big hahaha and to me that is what a xs 650 does best, makes ya smile, you may be absolulty stuffed after a long ride but hell the smile is better than being at sea in a barrel fulla stoned monkeys

  9. Barney says:

    HAHAHA Streetfekkker LOL

  10. Adi says:

    Thanks for the reply. That smaller master cylinder looks good. Can’t see any photos of your headlamp mounting, are they going to be added by ted to this thread? Curious. Thanks again. Nice build mate

  11. Gort says:

    Adi and Dennis above is a link to facebook pics of what i was trying to explain. i have since changeed the front end again differnt headlight will post more pics on the facebook site soon . hope it helps
    cheers gort

  12. Funnymachine says:

    What is the tail hump off?

  13. Gort says:

    i formed from the back of the special tank and fiberglassed it ove a rotten seat pan then got it upolstered with gator skin vinyl

  14. Funnymachine says:


    that explains why the line is familiar


  15. DENNI$ says:

    Gort, I can’t access facebook, but thanks for the link. I was mainly curious where you’d gotten the left side caliper, if it was stock forks, etc. I personally have a ‘thing’ for dual disks, I like the symmetry (shrugs off the hard glares of the purists). will probly need to adapt something, as I also wanna put a fat tire up front. Clever move on the tail piece, very ingenious!

  16. Tables says:

    Hey Gordon, Nice English bike, but what are you doing posting it on an XS site? he he he. Sorry nicely done, it would be hard for a less knowledgable punter to know what you had changed…and that aint easy to pull off. Keep grinning you old joker you.

  17. Gort says:

    Dennis and Adi if you end me your email address i can send you pics and details of what you want to see. my email is..
    Tables: yes its a hoot so many people have come up to me and said wow nice norton is an American model?
    i have only has 2 negative responses from purists….. so the world still has humour.
    The funnyest thing was when i had it parked outside a bar and this kid say 10 year old and his grandpa walked past and looked over it Grandpa was rabbitting on and the kid was well he had a look of ” what you on about gramps” on his face.. anyhow they walked off. some minites later the kid was running back , stopped looked at the bike again.. his facelit up with an all knowinf big beamy smile and shouted “hey grampa see told ya its a yamaha Gorton ” Gramps came back clicked, and looked around with total embarassment to see if anyone saw, of which i had explained the situation at the bar leaner he saw me and we were all laughing hahahah poor guy totally upstaged by the observant youth ..Anyhow the bike has had a smal facelift and ill add some more pics soon. thanks for the comments. Yamaha XS650 the most fun bike ive ever ridden. should hang one on the wall in a glasss case stating Incase of depression smash glass remove and ride like ya stole it weeee

  18. Gort says:

    that chap who wanted to know about tthe seat .. i lost your email can you come back to me .. ive got pics of it for you cheers