Lucky #11

Tiago – How it all started, I bought a basket case XS650 with a running motor, salvaged as many of the original parts as possible.

I bought some but mostly fabricated parts like the hardtail, seat, triumph tank made to fit,  4 months to build, worth every second. Really a joy to ride my own creation!


  1. INXS says:

    Great looking Bike. Enjoy riding it – Were are you In SA ?

  2. fanoboss says:

    There just isn’t another bike that can be so expressive and individualistic as the XS650 platform. Great bike and build.

  3. Marco says:

    Love it! Can I get a little more details on the battery box? Can’t tell what you used.

  4. Keys says:

    Great looking bike could i get some more information about the tank love the way it fits the bike.

  5. dex82 says:

    tcbros hardtail? might be going in that direction……..ordered one from g&l almost three months ago and haven’t seen it or any communication for awhile, (i’m 6’2″ so was looking for a little extra stretch, which they offer) so i’m almost gonna call that one a lost cause and move on. tcbros seems to be the hardtail of choice and people obviously receive the product so i might give them a try in a couple of weeks. anyway, really like the stance. is the rear fender stable or does it have a little wiggle?

  6. Ronin says:

    Nice job
    Is that in sunny South Africa??

  7. mike lytle says:

    nice looking bike great flow and balance, it looks like it fits you perfectly love the tank looks like it was made for it gators on fork tubes complete the look fender is radiused perfectly, might suggest a small sissy bar for support, just sayin all in all i’m likin this build thanks for sharing

  8. misfitskinny says:

    Very nice creation, like the tank, paint and rear fender

  9. Tables says:

    It really is a great platform to work with isn’t it fanoboss. Nice individual bike, the Triumph? tank and the gators, dropped bars and wire wheels work in well with the overall style. Now ride hard brother.