Expresso racer xs665

Stéphane – This bike was made by me – This model is a 1979 XS650 3L1.


  1. J-C says:

    Nice Bike!!! I do like the fork brace, front fender and headlight. Where did you get these items? Very Nice!!!

  2. mookie says:

    this is a solid classy classic looking bike.good job. well done.

  3. Vinpaco says:

    Bien belle la charrette ! Café racer is ont m’y cup…of thé but congratulation its à Nice bile 😉

  4. Dogbones says:

    A thing of beauty.

  5. Tables says:

    Very English styling, which I am guessing was the intention, congratulations you succeeded. Nice finish, nice bike. Now join the Ton up club. Enjoy.

  6. Yambone says:

    Where did you get the seat, did you make it yourself? I’ve been looking for a seat that fits my 79′ side latch seat but no dice yet. She is a beaut’, good on ya!