“Thors Hammer” Aussie bobber build progress

Steve – After doing some research and gaining some valuable advice from friends and those in the know, it was decided that an XS650 was the stead of choice for my bobber build. One of my mates was looking to move out of town and happened to have a 1975 donor bike looking for a new home.

I picked up the bike minus seat and tank in March 2011, and began stripping it down right away.

With this not only being my first bike and build, I also set myself the challenge of doing the bulk of the work within the living room of a second story apartment using basic tools. Luckily I’ve established a good relationship with some extremely helpful Australian XS650 Club members that have helped out with important aspects such as the chassis welding.

The elements for my build include a TC Bros hard tail/drag bars, a Vintage Auto World repro BSA Bantam gas tank with custom mods, Dunstall inspired mufflers, Firestone vintage tyres, leather tool bag for personals and a copper milk urn for the battery/relays/ignition.

Overall my goal is to create a unique bike with an authentic vintage feel.

Hopefully she’ll be ready in the first half of 2012. I’ll certainly update you all when “Thor’s Hammer” is completed. Please feel free to check out my journey upon my build log http://inmotionphotogxs650.blogspot.com/

Cheers – Steve


  1. Stephen B says:

    Thanks for posting my build Ted!

  2. Levi says:

    Im in AU too bro, (and building) where abouts are you?

  3. Stephen B says:

    G’day Levi.

    I’m in Sydney, how about yourself?

    How far into the build is your scoot?

  4. Levi says:

    I’m in Brisbane mate, I’m just at welding the hardtail on, it’s a custom David Bird 6″ stretch 3″ drop, Cole Foster tank, modified late model sportster front with 21″ wheel. You on Facebook mate, look me up Levi Hektic Peters.

  5. mike lytle says:

    just wondering, some of you guys from down under claim you need an engineering degree from MIT, a degree in aero space design, and 15,000 dollars to get a chopper registered in your country…………..what’s up with that????????? good looking start on your project. thanks for sharing

  6. Stephen B says:

    G’day Mike.

    Thanks for the great feedback!

    You pretty much nailed it on the head with the draconian rules and regulations we face Down Under when it comes to any vehicle outside the square.

    I just hope I meet the right certified engineer on the right day when it comes to registration.

    Fingers crossed!



  7. Geezerman says:

    Love that milk can, man !!!!

  8. misfitskinny says:

    Beautiful machine, nice work! I would just clearcoat this bike. That metal work looks great!

  9. pickles says:

    Yeah, definitely just clearcoat it. She’s gonna be killer when she’s done. So far, so good, right?

  10. Dennis says:

    you Ozzies should put the hammer and torches to your a-hole legislators. In times past, OZ stood out as a beacon for freedom and innovation. The stuff I hear regarding how difficult it is to title old bikes is mind blowing.

  11. Dennis says:

    Oh, BTW, I dig the copper milk jug.

  12. greg says:

    Its looking awesome! plus one on the no paint. If you just just put regular clear coat on bare metal it will flake off. I used “diamond clear” on my gas tank its made by Eastwood to go directly on metal. it has worked out pretty well for me. if you click on my name it will link you to a picture of my bike. Also you should hug that fender closer to the tire on the top it will make a big difference. Make the bigger gap at the bottom were no one will see it. keep up the good work

  13. Stephen B says:

    Geezerman & Dennis, thank you both for digging the jug!

    I’m actually going to change the brass tag on it with “Mjolnir” embossed/engraved upon it instead of “MILK”. “Mjolnir” is the Dansih translation of “Thor’s Hammer”

    misfitskinny, pickles & greg, thank you all for the positive feedback and thoughts on leaving her au naturel. As much as I like how it currently looks in its raw form, I have very much committed (at least in my mind) to giving the bike a paint job.

    I intend to paint it two shades of metallic brown, with gold leaf pin-striping and gold leaf name upon the tank. The chassis will be powder-coated gloss black, with the engine painted a combination of satin/gloss black, satin black ceramic coated mufflers and black exhaust wrap upon the header pipes.

    It should look sinister!

    Here’s some links to the colour combos



    BTW, Greg, great bike mate, I love its stance!



  14. Stephen B says:

    Almost forgot Greg, thanks for the tip on the rear fender.

    It is actually just sitting on the tyre in the pics above, with my hopefully getting the opportunity to tack on the mounts over the next few days.



  15. tables says:

    Nice build you have there Steve, I am in Sydney too, there is a guy in Kurrajong that seems pretty good , the RTA list of engineers has his details. Tables

  16. Stephen B says:

    Thanks for the compliment and the engineer lead Tables.

    I’ll be looking him up very soon.



  17. Dennis says:

    Stephen – that ‘Mjolnir’ tag will look VERY cool. I still remember my comic characters!

  18. IOCWA says:

    Not much wrong with that Stevie…. Looks great… ;0)

    You have also put in a great job on your blogs…

    I’m in Perth and you’re right, our licensing laws blow.
    In Aust we need to run front and rear fenders.
    The back fender must end no less than at 45deg from the rear axle.
    We can’t run side mounted number plates.
    We have to run turn signal indictors and worst of all the exhausts are suposed to be stock as well.

    So much for creativity.

    At least we have plenty of sunshine…. ;0)

    Good work mate…


  19. mike lytle says:

    the new bike dealerships must have a strong loby group, getting your legislators to enact such harsh laws on owning and modifying older bikes. or you have a bunch of liberal tree huggers trying to play big brother, either way down under ain’t what I had pictured for a bunch of crocadile dundy’s rugged and self assured, sounds more like a bunch of whipped dingos!! you guys have posted some nice looking builds recently on this site, just makes me a little sick to hear of all the BS you have to go through to get them registered. every time someone takes away our right to be self sufficiant we loose a little more of our freedom…….it’s easy to loose and awful hard to get back…..just sayin

  20. Stephen B says:

    IOCWA, thanks for the great feedback mate!

    Seems that WA is just as bad a NSW!

    Mike, it’s the big brother tree huggers that are the cause of our headaches in OZ.

    It’s a shame we don’t have car and bike loving guys and gals running our road and transit authorities, as they could very easily use common sense to smooth the paths for automotive enthusiasts.



  21. The Flying Imp says:

    Great job man, very clean I like the tires, I am thinking of running one on the back of mine and I already have an avon speedmaster 21” for the front. I had no clue there was such laws over there that must suck, but on the other hand you dont have to worry about guys scootin around on half ass builds. In a way it kinda makes a guy do the best job he could possibly do lol. I live in BC Canada and all I did was get registration for my bike and I will just insure it as a stock XS. Im not worried about the welds on the hardtail cause I am a welder but I could see someone not knowing what they are doing and be flying down the road at 100 k and splitting their bike in half. anyways I’ll stop my ramblings. stellar scoot man

  22. Stephen B says:

    Thanks for the great feedback “The Flying Imp”!

    I certainly love the appearance of the Vintage Firestone tyres too. In fact, I’ve got some really cool progress shots with the engine in place upon my blog where the rear tyre is proudly front and centre on a few of them.


  23. El Gaucho says:

    From the copper milk jug to the firestones to the overall stance. I’m in love. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  24. Stephen B says:

    Thanks El Gaucho!



  25. You pretty much nailed it on the head with the draconian rules and regulations we face Down Under when it comes to any vehicle outside the square.