rat rocket – Jason Zoschke


Jason – It all started out as a 73tx650 that i got for $300. Soon after that i had it hardtailed by now a good friend Ron Paladino. Ron did an awesome job on it. I brought it home and took it to my shop at work and began crafting. I picked up the Unity headight for $10 at a swap meet and got the “stop” with glass lense from a fellow rodder.


New cables and electrics were purchased from xs650direct. Made the seat from an old steel backplate from an electrical cabinet and had a friend give me a hunk of leather from 1950 ish and bolted it down with 1/4 28 stainless cap screws. Had to extend the brake rod due to the 5″ stretch in the back end. Sporty tank came from Quebec for $60. All electrics are in the stainess box under seat. Key switch is an Allen Bradley 800t series. I had it running breifly but the diaphrams were the originals so they lasted about 15 mins…new ones on wishlist. Still need to put on the chain and adjust rear brake and then s hould be good to go.


  1. Geezerman says:

    I like it !!!
    No bling !!!

  2. jvc says:

    you should have kept that stock tank….

  3. Dennis says:

    man, it looks like someone beat that bike with a baseball bat. ouch! nice job so far, Jason, looks great!

  4. mike lytle says:

    looks like those bolts in the seat would be a little hard on the soft part of my hardtail……….just thinkin….thanks for sharing

  5. ernie says:

    cool. i know not everybody is into the simple hardtail/sportster tank look but it’s a very clean look, even on a rat bike, and the lines are classic, at least in my mind. cool stock tank in the ” before” pic………symmetry can be overrated. heh.

  6. Barney says:

    Nice before pic! That seat looks like it would be a pain in my arse.