My first Cafe Racer 76 xs650

Hi, I’m from Switzerland where the xs scene is pretty small. this page had a big influence on my thoughts in building this bike. I bought this xs of a friend and restored it completely. No changes in Frame, just optimized everything, new paint and replaced weak parts.

Work still goes on… 😉



  1. mike lytle says:

    all I want to know is…………how did you get that bike into an operating room??????????

  2. IOCWA says:

    🙂 Ditto…

    Looks nice and clean… the bike that is…

  3. Danel says:

    Salut, very nice cool bike. I spend 3 months in Délémont in the 80’s, I would like to go again and ride my XS en Suisse.

  4. Dennis says:

    what front end is that? how did you get dual disc?

  5. Deep Sneakers says:

    Nice! The set and headlight give it overall nice lines.

    @Dennis. There is another Yamaha bike that has the brake cyl. on the left side. It might be the XS1100, I’m not sure. You bolt it to the location that is otherwise empty on the xs650. Poss. the two bikes share the same forks, except one has the brake on the left, the other on the right.

  6. Dave O'Toole says:

    @Dennis. All of the XS650s I’ve seen in the UK have dual disks. Mine looks like this one. http://www.oldtimer-gilde-rü

  7. Dennis says:

    Deep – thanx for the reply. I can say that the 1100 DOES have two calipers, but the rotor is much bigger than the 650 rotor. The 850 also has two calipers, so that could be the answer. I have those parts on hand, and I know that the 1100 and 850 front ends are not the same. I’m not sure about the XS750, I always kinda assumed it was the same as the 850 setup. I plan on the dual rotors myself…. I’ll hafta check into that, unless someone else here already knows…??

  8. cruzboos says:

    I’ve gotten ahold of a ’79 xs650 that used to be part of the government fire services and luckily it came with twin rotors. Don’t know if it was just trini luck but also down here the ’80 rd400f came with twin discs up front and matching calipers to that of the late xs650.

  9. Dennis says:

    gotta have the right style, too. Special calipers won’t fit Standard fork legs.

  10. sebastian says:

    Very nice bike indeed! I was wondering how you got that seat to fit? I have one just like it but can’t figure out how to mount it right.. thanks for your help.

  11. DENNI$ says:

    @Dave – That’s a good pic of the dual disc setup. Easy to see that there is a right and left caliper. Not sure if the ‘leading’ placement of the calipers is crucial or required. I am thinking one could take a ‘lefty’ and ‘turn it over’ for the right side. Anyone ever try that? Is there a good reason for both calipers to be located the same?