MisfitSkinny kustoms Rockabilly


Fred – Got the idea of this build from a buddy of mine I made a hand tooled leather seat for, it was a rockabilly theme. He liked and said I should build a rockabilly bike, so here it is. Used to drive a semi truck, but now all I do is build bikes and stuff for bikes, mainly alot of tooled leather seats these days.


Almost everything on this build has been hand fabricated by me, seat, framework, suicide shift, electrical box, tank, guitar neck, bars, airbrush work, license plate and few other little things. A lot of hours in this build, glad its done.


The bike is pretty long about 96 in sits real nice, feels great to ride. Its a 78 buy the way and is up 4 sale so if anyones interested give me a shout. Would like to keep this one but gotta make a livin somehow so its gotta go.


It took me about 3 weeks about 8hrs a day to build this bike. This bike is a rockabilly theme and is basically a rat bike with a little cool paintwork, but I didnt want this bike to be to clean, just solid, but still having the kind of rat hand made look.


So it does have some rough edges, but I just like that in a bike. I also just like building stuff thats different and crazy that people will say “what the hell is it” most dont know. Most get it, some dont. The bike is dark brandy over black. Rims are black with antique brass painted spokes. Bars, fuel caps, and few other things are also the antiqued brass. House of Color paint and clear. Not sure what else to say about the bike. My wesite is misfitskinnykustoms.com

Thanks  Fred


  1. chris roe says:

    Nice to see some originality. Very Kool.

  2. Tijuana Bumpersticker says:

    Spooky paintjob on the tank lol

  3. mike lytle says:

    Fred, you absolutly,without a doubt, got the FUNKIEST bike on the site!!! thanks for sharing

  4. Geezerman says:

    I agree with Lytle Mike ! Way funky stuff on it. Great ideas!

  5. misfitskinny says:

    Thanks guys for comments. I have some even funkier ideas for future. Sorry pictures aint so good, my camera s#*Ks. The paintwork on the one side is Johnny Cash and Marylin Monroe, that you can’t see. I sent picture in but it didnt get posted.

  6. Barney says:

    I just saw this bike on ebay or somewhere. Very unique and ratty. Fuel gauge, cool. Rear brake pivot, cool. Guitar, cool.

  7. davethewrench says:

    Yes I saw it on ebay too, funny no bid’s
    really cool bike, you’d think someone would want it

  8. Dennis says:

    dude, where to start?? man thats slick.

  9. mike lytle says:

    Fred, where did you get the gas tank?? man it’s gunna take me a few days to take in all the funkyness of this build. thanks again for sharing

  10. misfitskinny says:

    Thanks for comments, appreciate very much. Mike, the tank is an old sporty. I split it, took little out of center, including gas bung, put two on each side. Put petcock on left side and liquer bottle fuel site gauge on the right. There is also a petcock on bottom of right side, both come into a T. I think more time goes into the thaught process of the build then the actual build lol.

  11. mike lytle says:

    thanks Fred you ARE the funkmaster

  12. Jesse says:

    Creative and Tacky

  13. justan says:

    Love the Jack Daniels No.7 bottle. Cool bike.

  14. Chad says:

    That is a real peice of art. My style, raaaaaaaaattttt. The rockabilly theme is bad.

    That has to be one of the best looking rear brake systems ive seen. sick with the chain and sprocket.

  15. misfitskinny says:

    Thanks chad and everyone else for comments, some like, some don’t. I’m not real picky when it comes to the style, I like em all to tell you the truth. Its been hard in the last couple of years for me to get away from the rat and drop seat style though. I just like the way it looks and feels when you ride it. Bike originaly had drag bars on it, but to many of my older freinds didn’t like the way it felt, so I made a set of mini apes for it. Made it little harder to handle, but it has a great feel and you really hav to stretch out unless you got long arms. Buddy gave me Idea for rockabilly, so I tried to make as rockabilly as I could. Could hav went alot of different ways and maybe in future will build another rockabilly and do completely different, maybe even a little sicker than this,lol. But anyways it’s nice to see and hear from others that appreciate the rat style. For me it is just an artistic expression of the ideas in my head and way to get them out. I love building these things and enjoy looking at what others have built and come up with out of there minds. Some will get what im saying, and others will think its a joke, but thats ok,” for each his own” lol. I am in process of building another xs right now, bit it is going slow, I hav been sick alot lately and unmotivated due to this cold ass weather. The project Im working on currently will be called BENT, and it will be bent. Hopefully it will turn out as raaaaty and sicker than anything ive done yet. Can’ wait to get it done and show it on here to see what reactions it will get. Sorry for the bad pictures of rockabilly I put on here. There are better pictures on my website http://www.misfitskinnykustoms.com Once again thanks for all comments and ” Long liv the age of Rat”

  16. El Gaucho says:

    Awesome! Love the backbone/fretboard! The rear brake mech is fantastic as well. Very nice detail!