maratonne xs 650 Bobber


  1. ghostryder says:

    looks like its probably pretty nice, i think photo’s would have shown more than the video did though.

  2. Tables says:

    Agreed, that wheel and tyre combo kicks it big time, great exhaust note aswell. Very nicely detailed out bike, enjoy the riding.

  3. El Gaucho says:

    I love the honesty of the video. Not many people would post a video of a true cold start, complete with a stall upon gear engagement. But any of us with XS’s have experienced it, lol. BTW, I love the tank, what is it? Very smooth looking.

  4. 6thof7thgarcia says:

    Thats one sick exhaust and it sounds great

  5. Shane says:

    Exhaust is sick and has some great sound to it.

  6. Brothermist says:

    I love this bike. I’d still like to know what tank that is.

  7. Dennis says:

    Wow, those coated cases just punch you right in the eyes. sounds great, too! I agree that some pics are needed!! gotta be able to study that thing.

  8. fanoboss says:

    Great to see an individual of some means sporting a sweet ass xs650 build with style and personality and not a certain $$$$bagger$$$ type. I’m not knocking the baggers, hell he may own 3 or 4, jus sayn’.

  9. Barney says:

    Sick exhaust, more pics!

  10. rozz says:

    When it comes to those of you that comment often, I swear some of you are the biggest queens. If someone thinks it’s gay, let them think it’s gay. When you post pics of your bike on here it’s free reign. Get over it ya buncha pusses. To each their own. Criticism is a bitch.

  11. Dennis says:

    @ rozz – calling something ‘gay’ or a ‘POS’ doesn’t qualify as criticism. It’s just a rudely expressed opinion. I doubt there are many here that couldn’t respond intelligently to thoughtful critique. But, just like posting a bike here leaves one open to REAL criticism, posting a rudely expressed opinion leaves the opiner open to rebuttal. Punks and trolls should be recognized for what they are.

    Besides, it’s fun.

  12. fanoboss says:

    Unless a bike has a dildo as a seat, 2 man hands for grips and co-owned by 2 guys that just happen to be married to each and call it the “Gay Transporters’ Hole” it ain’t gay to me. That’s my honest and humble opinion. I stand by my previous statement.

  13. fanoboss says:

    …That was a critique of a commentator’s critique.

  14. rozz says:


  15. dustyroads says:

    To the Satans Slaves post. REALLY what are you some snot nose little prospect or even less like a hang around? Get real this is no the 70’s and if a man rides on two wheels it don’t matter what he rides he build and is proud of it. I don’t see your bike posted. If you can’t say something nice, just keep it to yourself. Dustyroads 1%er WA. state

  16. fanoboss says:

    whatever…have a great day rozz. LOL

  17. rozz says:

    You too sir. Thanks.

  18. fanoboss says:

    I am in complete agreement with dustyroads opinion of SATANS SLAVES critique, to which I replied to his comment with an objective critique, to which rozz responded, to which I responded and made a funny critique which is when dustyroads, an adult of some maturity, intelligence and integrity, stepped in and gave his humble opinion. THAT’S WHAT I AM IN COMPLETE AGREEMENT WITH.

  19. fanoboss says:

    indeedly neighbor…

  20. El Gaucho says:

    I’m with fanoboss on this one.

  21. BUSTER says:

    Man that is one of a small handful of bikes that I consider to be the top of the chart.
    You should be so proud of your acheivement it looks FANTASTIC.
    Go out and buy yourself a big gun because lots of people will want to take that one off your hands !!
    Enjoy every ride bro GREAT JOB what else can I say!

  22. fanoboss says:

    Thanks El

  23. rozz says:

    Makes me think of mohawks and forest beasts.

  24. Dennis says:

    Thanks rozz, yer welcome.

  25. mike lytle says:

    meanwhile…. back at the bike….that intake, two into one single intake seems to work really well. did you build the intake manifold? nice looking bike, very clean. thanks for sharing

  26. IOCWA says:

    Killer Job Mate… I’d ride with you any day…

  27. Brothermist says:

    Intake looks like a Wiseguys 2 into 1. You can find them on E-bay. Killer scoot!

  28. swear some of you are the biggest queens. If someone thinks it’s gay, let them think it’s gay.

  29. ray says:

    I have a set of powdercoated white mags that are begging to get mounted on my next build. The frame is on its way. Dont know about the color scheme yet, but i do know that i was wanting something different than just a set of spraypainted black mags, nothing wrong with them just going for something different. Love’m or hate’m there mine.

  30. -dctrprks- says:

    wata balanced bike. very simple, very sweet. sounds good to hello… & wat i look for is how comfortable the dude looks on it, I’m working on my first XS. project. hopefully ending up wit like wat U got. Imona use a “mono leaf spring” in the rear. & hope 2 use a 79 Yam. enduro” front forks cuz they are 31/2 longer than the stock xs. good job man. I can learn sum stuff by jes lookin & that bike a Ur’s. TY -dp-