Hello, my name is Marlon Bueno BRAZIL I’m from the city of Porto Alegre. I have followed this site since 2008 and only now I plucked up courage to post some pictures of my girl who is in continuous transformation and construction, I apologize for my English because I am using the google translator. Photo below is when I bought it.


The photos below are from when I bought it, was virtually abandoned, with no electricity, and very, very leak was such that had a cloth between the cylinder head and not to burn the legs … was completely disassembled, epoxy powder paint, new bearings and new electric, the engine is being rebuilt, crankshaft, valves, seals and bearings all new mikexs here in Brazil. This is few models xs and was happy to find a Japanese mechanic who worked in the factory at the time and is working on my engine in Sao Paulo.


Soon more pictures and details of the rebuilding of my 1971 yamaha xs JOANA DAR’C thank you and please comment and send Your ideas!

Marlon Bueno


  1. Bentley "Look Ma No Hands" Dickinson says:

    Hello Brazil!

  2. fanoboss says:

    : )>

  3. misfitskinny says:

    looks like lotta fun to ride. How r u liking this bike so far and what else do u plan on doing to it??

  4. MARLON BUENO says:

    Thanks for the comments … the next step is to redo all the electrical, and hide inside the chassis, I’ll change the handlebars and let the same angle of the front suspension, then I change the tank, I have a TX 500 1975 I want to cut and finally the banks, put the future of xs aluminum wheels and stainless steel exhaust, but it will still take a while … please continue to comment and give your ideas!

  5. Barney says:

    Motocicleta agradável! Que é você que muda as barras? Eu penso que eu tenho visto esta foto antes com os besouros de Volks Wagen no fundo.

    Nice bike! What are you changing the bars to? I think i have seen this photo before with the Volks Wagen beetles in the background.

  6. Carlos says:

    Que belo arado!!! El caga sangue!!!

  7. MARLON BUENO says:

    will not change anything in the suspension just the handlebars, shorter and let out the support that is curved and straight put a break do not like this angle

  8. buster says:

    ce senior mucho bueno chaio

  9. mike lytle says:

    @Fanoboss, I think we’re gunna have to learn a couple a foreign lingos to stay on here???????? :(>

  10. MARLON BUENO says:

    MIKE I missed your message…

  11. fanoboss says:

    (*&&^##^&&*(() <<—- MEANS HELLO !

  12. MARLON BUENO says:


  13. Claudio says:

    Parabem meu nome e claudio aqui dos estadk unodo a minha moto tambem esta neste sjte a procima depois da tua para bens a tua ficou muito show bem vindo ao site

  14. MARLON BUENO says:

    thanks for the comment, soon more pictures and details of the engine that was all done it again!

  15. MARLON BUENO says:

    I hide the electric on the swing arm, does anyone have any suggestions?