Basement Bike

  I like the stocker ’75 look.  This started out as a parts bike.  Built it in the basement.



  1. fanoboss says:

    That’s how I’d like to display my xs650 , in da’ house. Looks Amazing.

  2. Andy Larmouth says:

    wow. a thing of beauty!

  3. Les Plant says:

    Stunning build, I remember when they were new, always wanted one, could only afford the XS 400 custom though…..

  4. tadd442 says:

    Beautiful job!

  5. mike lytle says:

    now that you know how it was suppose to look……………get to choppin.. then why did you purchase the four inch grinder???, the mig welder???, the weld on hardtail,??? the solo seat????……come on Buster we see that little twinkle in your eye yer not foolin me!!! lol. nice job thanks for sharing

  6. misfitskinny says:

    Nice restoration. I had one exactly like this, 75 same color and all. chopped it to hell first day i brought it home. But I do like these bikes restored as well, brings back old memories of when I was a kid and wanting one of these bad boys . In this time period, couple of years before ELVIS died, STAR WARS arrived and KISS was the greatest rock & roll band in the world, think I had a little dirt bike RM 125. But seriously you would be surprised how much fun it is to chop one of these little babies up and make something original and your own, no matter what it looks like. ” Once You Hack You’ll Never Go Back” lol

  7. jesse9498 says:

    With the bike in the living room, you look like you should be a member of my family. Its definately not a chopper , but you did a hell of a job. Its nice to know what mine would have looked like when it rolled out of the factory, but now you need to go find another one and hack it up into little pieces and weld or bolt everything laying around the garage to it until it looks like a death-trap and then hit the highway.

  8. El Gaucho says:

    I love it just as it is. I have a special soft spot in my heart for restored ’75’s.

  9. Piute says:


  10. ED DAY says:

    beauty…..a..real…beauty……..nice job

  11. Cory says:

    good looking bike time to get the sawzaw out hahahahahaha

  12. Kit says:

    Beautiful work! Thank you for not chopping a decent bike all to bits.

  13. Andy Scarff says:

    Top drawer stuff… a great job .. you should be deservedly proud of your work..

  14. That’s how I’d like to display my xs650 , in da’ house. Looks Amazing.

  15. mark A says:

    your bike looks great , I have one just like it , 75 is a good year for the xs650 , have fun with it .