Aussie xs650


Tom – I spotted this bike for sale on the side of the road near my home and straight away had to have it. Even though when i bought it, it was a completely different animal. The hardtail was already welded on so i had a solid base to work from. After getting her home i found it had no spark due to dodgy wires, so after a lot of head scratching and wire twisting i had that problem solved. (not an easy task as the previous owner had chopped out most of the origional wires and none of the wire colours matched the diagram i had) Next i found the carbys had seen better days so they got thrown out and replaced with some neat mikunis and pod filters.


Now with good spark and fuel the old girl fired to life on the 2nd kick. I found a sporty tank at a swap meet and bolted that on after having a freind throw on a coat of paint. I found a solo bates style seat, exhaust and the 40cm apes at a local shop for a good price as well as a new front brake leaver and master cylinder.



I bent and welded up a rear fender strut from some left over scraps from work and made the licence plate mount from the same, with the stop light from an old trailer. Im pretty happy with how she turned out, rough as guts and loud as hell!


  1. Barney says:

    Cool bobby mate!

  2. chris says:

    nice ride mate

  3. Tables says:

    Lookin’ good, I have a similar story to tell.

  4. mike lytle says:

    carby’s and barby’s and rough as guts?? gotta hand it to you guys down under, although sounds like a chopper rebellion might be needed to straighten out the aholes at the transportation dept!!!!!! thanks for sharing mate.

  5. buster says:

    these things should be issued free by the Australian Government to every citizen instead of blowing billions on asylum seekers,great job happy riding dude.

  6. Dennis says:

    Kinda hard to tell, watsup with that front end? The bike has a good stance.

  7. tom says:

    not sure on the front end dennis, as all the frame mods were done before i bought it. X amount of rake and Y amount of fork extension. After finding this site i cant wait to strip it down and have another go at building her a little better. so much insipration from the guys building top 650s on here

  8. Dennis says:

    man, you sure got that right! this site, and the bikes posted, are fantastic.

  9. tom says:

    Iv been traveling for 6 months now and cant wait to get back to australia to rebuild this oil leaking, bone shaking ol girl. Im really keen on building a bratstyle ( as the transport department will probably be a little kinder to it if its still got shocks in the rear ) but would need a new frame to chop up, anyone got ideas on where to find one for a reasonable price

  10. Dennis says:

    Hell, you might as well just build a new bike. It’s better when you have some riding options… laffin

  11. tom says:

    i recon just a frame and swing arm will be a whole lot cheaper to get ahold of than another bike. Iv got my wr450 and 110 pit bike for riding options.

  12. supablaq says:

    hey bud great to see another aussie xs650 enthusiast nice looking chop you got there looks the goods.

    quick question what state you in? do you get much hassle from the filth bout the side mounted plate and tail light? also how much did you pic the donor up for im hunting for 1 now and all the ones ive come across are ridiculously priced.

  13. tom says:

    hey supablaq. Im from queensland, the cops havnt given me any hassles over anything on the bike, but i try to keep to the back roads so havnt been pulled over. It doesnt get riden enough due to the fact that im sure they will slap me with a defect notice and a big bloody fine if i do get pulled up.
    I paid $2000 for the bike not running. Ive been lookin for another but as you say they are expensive here in australia.