1975 650 Bobber


This is a sweet little bike. It started out as a 1975 Yamaha 650 sx. This bike has a clean title with matching numbers on the frame and motor. I did not build this bike so i dont know much about it. I have riden it and everything works as it should. It starts easily with just a few kicks. It is kick start only! It has twin makuni carbs. the carbs could use a little adjusting to idle smoother. It has a custom hardtail and awsome reptial skin spring seat. The paint is nice, i would call it a sunburnt orange. Tires on the front and Back are in great shape. The only thing i have found wrong with this motorcycle is it will not charge itself. It has a good battery and with a full charge you can ride it untill the battery goes dead. The bike is located in southern Indiana, just north of Evansville. Nick


  1. tadd442 says:

    Phew!…….For a second there, I thought you were trying to sell it!

  2. mike lytle says:

    have you checked the brushes yet?

  3. Tables says:

    Nick, If you contact XSCharge or Hughs you will be able to pick up a Permanent Magnet Alternator PMA to replace the usually pretty poor standard charging system. I can vouch for the XS Charge ststem, literally a plug and play system.

  4. Barney says:

    Yep, time for a PMA

  5. davethewrench says:

    I thought I was in need of a PMA last week, but it turnrd out it was just the rectifier
    nice bike….it will idle better with the charging system fixed as well

  6. jesse9498 says:

    its a static charge system with a modified wiring harness……..replace the brush screws with 4mm nylon screws to un-ground the brushes. i’ve had to do it to a few bikes.

  7. Rob Miller says:

    Hate the paint LOVE the bike . I guess they can’t all be black , eh ? lol Great classic lines , less is more look . Seat mount is perfect . Not so easy to achieve . Good luck with the charging system . Definately go with the PM system if you can afford it .

  8. Lordy says:

    I want that bike. Just gorgeous.