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The backyard project


Gary D – Started out with a much neglected 79 XS. Took off all the bits that are really needed, stretched the swing arm and mounted a Honda front fender to the swing arm. Left only the controls that make it go down the road on the handle bars. Put all the other electric in the battery box. Continue Reading →

Hater Cycles model Kombat


XS1/2 build

Jason – Almost finished with a little XS1/2 build, just a few finishing touches to go. The build started with a seized barn find XS2 and an unfinished XS1 chopped up horribly and unfinished (frame and motor only).  Pulled the XS2 engine out for boring and started on the frame and tin.  My plan was to build a unique bike that’s design was more of a late 40’s-50’s look than 60’s-70’s, and ultimately a bike that well, looked old and a bit rough around the edges. Continue Reading →

Vintage Customs – The Drifter XS


The Drifter XS

Jay – I’m very proud of this build. I’ve been building XS650’s for a few years now out of my small shop; Vintage Customs, in central Florida. My first bike was a XS650, “Norma Jean” (posted on xs650chopper a while back) and I’ve been building them primarily ever since (Norma Jean, The Bandit, Copper Devil and many others that never made it out here). Over the past year I’ve really been into the bikes coming out of Japan, the usual guys, Gravel Crew and the like.. Ive been looking through blogs and studying pictures from past Yokohama shows looking to build something a little different than the usual bobbers we’re all used to. Continue Reading →

Rockfords building choppers


Cory – well this all starts at a small shop on the west side of Rockford, were many things are built by hand, not only motorcycles but sculptures, heavy equipment even down to hand made jewelry.

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More shrek no more


Tables – As promised here is an update of the rebuild of Shrek. To recap – Originally I wanted to build a Bobber but as things panned out I ended up buying a ‘survivor’ chopper, so that is what I worked with. I didn’t want to cut the frame so I had to revise my plans and work with the stretch, rake and long forks that came with Shrek when I bought it. Today I have been laying down a bit moe 2 pak Jet Black over a few bits and pieces. I am not far from being finished now, I need to paint the tins, make up my front brake line and start on the final assembly as everything is just loosely in place at the moment. Continue Reading →

“Thors Hammer” Aussie bobber build progress


Steve – After doing some research and gaining some valuable advice from friends and those in the know, it was decided that an XS650 was the stead of choice for my bobber build. One of my mates was looking to move out of town and happened to have a 1975 donor bike looking for a new home. Continue Reading →