Ya Mama XS650 Featured in Cycle Source Magazine

Vote for Pandemonium Customs xs650.

Daniel Pandemonium Custom – Remember the bike YaMama posted here 5/11/2010, Well it has been nominated for Best of the year 2011 in Cycle Source Magazine.

The Bike that we built that started us in the XS650 world was featured in Cycle Source Magazine in March of this year. Well we just found out that it has been nominated for Best of the year!!!!Now this is the ONLY metric bike that has been nominated! I am not saying by any means is it the best it is just a huge accomplishment to see that it has been nominated for Best of 2011 in Cycle Source Magazine.

So what I am asking is could I get you guys to go vote for it? Please!

You can vote for it by going here.


  1. Fred says:

    I remember seeing YA MAMA when it first appeared on xs650 choppers! I seen that Pandemonium Choppers built it, Father and Son. I’ve always have liked xs650 bobbers/choppers so when i seen YA MAMA i had to call Dan Donley about a build for me, i got my doner and he is helping me with my build on the design and fabrication as we speak, and i have bought most of all my parts from him! Quality workmanship on it all, looking at YA MAMA i could see that! Its personal preferance, but if u know motorcycles then u know YA MAMA is one off Quality. YA MAMA is an awesome bike with just about everything designed by Dan. Since we all like xs650’s we should all vote for one! The one that made me want one even more, and it might do that to those of u that dont have one yet! I vote YA MAMA for BIKE OF THE YEAR!

  2. Just Me says:

    I have to agree with that comment ” Since we all Like XS650’s we should all vote for one” So everyone lets Vote this XS650 for Bike of the year so we can spread the word.

  3. davethewrench says:

    Yup I agree, just Voted….we all love the XS….so vote ppl, only takes a few mins
    Really nice bike by the way, I started my build as a father son project but my son gave up and never put in the time, Now he drools when he see’s me riding my XS chopper…I still have almost enough parts to build another one, I am hoping now he will want to build another on with me for himself…time will tell..I’ll do it again myself if I have to…LOL

  4. Barney says:

    Voted XS. Dan customized my tank for me. Hoping to finish the bike before March.