meet SadieAnne (work in progress)


Bought this 79 xs650 special for 450 bout a month ago. Stripped her down and started from scratch. Cheated and bought the hard tail, but I’m glad i did, saved loads of time. Shaved the shit off the forks. Shes got…a 70’s Honda dirt bike tank, cut down bmx handlebars, billet throttle tube i had layin around, headlight came off an old road grader, mule shoe foot”pegs.


The shifter is an old hame (part of a draft horse harness) cut down, sectioned, if you will. The shifter pivots from a horseshoe bolted to the head. clutch lever is just a BMW “goldfinger”. the rest is in the process.

Andrew Lewis


  1. tucker says:

    THe shifter looks great. I would like to see it when the fab is complete.

  2. fanoboss says:

    Very sweet bike and I love the bars. This is a fine wine in the making.

  3. Dennis says:

    Love the way you incorporated the ‘shoes’. be interesting to see if or how you carry that theme out. I really, really, really think that is absoLUTEly the wrong headlight, tho. Wanna sell it?????????????????

    closeups of the finished shifter setup will be a nice bonus, keep us posted!

  4. Kaveeks says:

    Looks promising!

  5. davethewrench says:

    Love those wheels, I have the same one’s on my chop
    keep up the good work

  6. He Who Dealt It says:

    It’s going to be great!

  7. He Who Dealt It says:

    fanoboss, you’re in Boston? I’m in Haverhill

  8. fanoboss says:

    I’m sorry @He Who Dealt It said I am East Coast but NOT Boston.

  9. ChopperEd says:

    Hmmm…I’m diggin’ the cool brew you’re stewin’ bro. Drive on for the finish.

  10. Andrew Lewis says:

    thanks for all the feedback everyone… ive got a bit further in the past few days, mounted a rear fender, with a horseshoe, mounted taillight/plate bracket using a horseshoe, now just waiting for my reg/rectifier, chain, working on a seat and springs…then its down to nothing again to clean everything up for powdercoat.

  11. mike lytle says:

    Andrew, I’m in about the same state of build as you are, the most exciting! getting the flow of the bike, making sure everything is plum and square before welding. trying to visualize the finished bike, all the while coming up with 97 new ideas a day. looking through this site is so inspiring, seeing what those who have gone before have done, a small detail on some build catches your eye! man that is so cool, can i pull that off?? building this type of bike is all consuming, if time passed at work like it passes when i’m in the shop working on the bike, life would be perfect, three hours in the shop seems like 10 minutes. everything i see during the day is a potential piece for the build, hardware stores are black holes i enter, my wife thinks one day i will not make it out! good luck on your journey, may the xs Gods be with you

  12. Dennis says:

    so Andrew……………… you ARE gonna sell me that headlight……. right???

  13. Andrew Lewis says:

    dennis…its the right headlight and you know it haha i would like to keep it. headlights are easy to find…

  14. Dennis says:

    yep, your right. looks great. you got another one??!!? any one????

  15. Andrew Lewis says:

    tell ya what dennis…i do have another one…its slightly larger that this one and has a bullet hole in it, but id surely sell ya that one…or trade for something…

  16. Tyler Texas says:

    I really dig the tank youre using! If you recall what model it came off of…

  17. Tyler Texas says:

    Xl 175 I think!