This is my XS 750 FLAT TRACK race bike. The frame is a 73 SHELL race frame and it needed much TLC. The motor is also a 73 but with extensive motor work ported heads ,big bore kit ,new cam , high per. oil pump 36mm carbs ,Jemco pipe right side shift and on and on..




Thanks to CYCLE WORKS Edmonton Alberta for the motor Tank and Tail are fiberglass this bike is FAST, going left ROCKS.

Greg Lightfoot


  1. tadd442 says:


  2. davethewrench says:

    Must go like STINK 🙂

  3. Great bike, altough trackers aren’t much populair here in Europa.
    Wonder why you remove the kickstarter. Personally I should have remove the heavy startmotor and the much more havier battery. Just install a small 4,5 amp gelbattery and lose a lot of weight.

  4. fanoboss says:

    Cool bike, what are the advantages to using a shell frame ? Is this rephased also ?

  5. Barney says:

    Cool looking bike. How did you move the shifter to the right side?

  6. Hi This is NO tracker it is a full race bike
    There is no battery or kick start or electric start. The bike is started on a roll starter

    The righ side shift is done with kit from SHELL racing you have to weld up a seal
    housing on the case.

    The motor is not rephased I am having one done now for next race season

    The bike runs on 3/8,1/2, and 5/8s mile tracks

    The SHELL frame is super light less than half over a stock frame

  7. Ben says:

    I’ve got a roller starter I’ve been trying to sell. Don’t really know where to advertise it. If you, or any of your cronies need one, you can contact me at It’s practically new, would like to get $450.00 USD out of it. I can send picutres.

    Cool race bike to. I’m building a Yamaha TT500 street tracker.

  8. fanoboss says:

    Mr Greg LIGHTfoot also has a Light XS. Thanks for the quick response.

  9. Dennis says:

    be interesting to see the comparison between stock and phased on the track.

  10. Yes next year will be interesting to see how the phased motor works

    Next summer we hope to get a half mile in at the Horse racing track in the city.

    The track we have 4 races at is in Thorhild Alberta about 45 min out of Edmonton.

    That track is 3/8 mile

  11. mark says:

    Wow, I mean WOW. I’m building something similar and hope it comes out half as nice as that!!
    With those Jemco pipes are you able to get at the dip stick?

  12. Hi NO

    I change the oil every 2nd race so it’s not a problem

    Putting a oil glass on the case would be best

    Thanks for the complement

  13. Newman says:

    Masterful! I think I should rig up a bike for the races. I met a fella I’n millarville who told me about thorhild, got me wanting to do it. If you don’t mind me asking what’s a motor like that cost to build??if anything I might have to take a short road trip and cheer for the xs brotherhood. (I’m in Calgary)

  14. 3Deuce27 says:

    Flat Track/TT Special. Lets put this up against my factory works Bultaco ‘Astro’.

  15. fanoboss says:

    I’m sure your Bultaco is fine, but this is mr 3Deuce27 .

  16. A full race motor for your CHOPPER or race XS650 is about 3000.00
    done in a shop

    Done on your own 1/2 that

  17. Dennis says:

    @3Deuce – 60+???? holy toledo in Ohio! that makes my stable look almost manageable. man thatsa lotta bikes!

  18. Jeff says:

    Greg, nice looking xs. Did you have the motor work done at Cycle Works? And, I understand that it is re-phased. Did Cycle Works do that as well? Curious, I have a 79 which needs engine work and would like to go the re-phase option and am looking for someone local who will do it.

  19. Hi No this motor is not rephased but I have on at CYCLE WORKS being done

    Phone and Talk to Don Galloway

  20. fabio says:

    Really beautiful, congratulations! May I know the names of those who brought you the tank and tail? thanks

  21. Hi the tail is a OMAR’S the tank is a SHELL racing tank 1973

    Thanks for the interest


  22. Chuck L says:

    Hiya Greg. Great looking scooter. I’m an ex-Class C pro rider (“ex” because I’m old!), and I’ve got an XS650 project bike that I’ve very slowly turning into a street West Coast TT bike. I’m looking for either the usual under-engine TT pipes, to be used with small internal baffles, or an exhaust set-up like yours. I’m also looking for a simple right-side shift conversion kit.

    How competitive is your bike against the more modern flat-track bikes?