Dual Purpose?


Dale – This is a 1978 frame and a ’75 motor. Frame is pretty much stock, has b14 inch Redwing shocks on the rear,they are mounted to an TX750 swing arm.Front end came off a XS850 extended 2+ inches braided steel brake lines feed the dual discs up front. Both fenders are from an old Honda and are both aluminum. 


Stock gas tank, Mikuni VM’s with Pods, Avon Distanzia Tires, Supertrapp spark silencers and the seating is provided by an old H-D/Aermacchi 250. Just a pretty straight forward build easy and quick.

Dale Rush


  1. El Gaucho says:

    Cool. Needs some knobbies.

  2. fanoboss says:

    Diggin’ the MOTARD look.

  3. junglebiker says:

    I like it–just needs knobbies.

  4. z says:

    Dual purpose: you can rock, you can ride.

  5. davethewrench says:

    I agree….Need some Knobbies !!!
    Mean and Tough looking bike….nice job !!!

  6. Dennis says:

    Did those 850 tubes slide right in?

  7. Dale says:

    Thanks everybody…Knobbies would have been way cheaper that is for sure.
    @Dennis- No they sure didn’t… Changed the stems out on the trees and used the whole front end with the +2 tubes.

  8. 3Deuce27 says:

    Ok! I was going with the negative comment and say ‘Parts Bike’, and on third thought I’m sticking with it.

    Knobbies!!!??? This bike would kill you in short order off road. Reminds me of the time I desperately wanted an off road bike and converted my 305 Honda ‘Dream’ for that purpose. Big mistake, handled like a sack of potatoes with 25 HP. Tried to throw me every which way, and couldn’t handle any size of whoop dee doo or any type of terrain. Step through Honda 50’s ran away from laughing.

    I will take the rear shocks please.

  9. Dale says:

    The bike was put together for dirt and gravel roads,which we have an abundance of here.The bike handles them like a dream, but I guess that could be because I ACTUALLY know how to ride…how’s that for a negative comment. A far as “parts bike” goes, everything is for sale, including the rear shocks. You’ll just have to take everything thing else with it…

    I do understand your negativity towards a bike that isn’t the “norm” for a site like this. You know…frame cut in half, a Sporty tank zip tied to the backbone, and finished off by rattle can BBQ black paint job. I have parts galore and this is a result of that. My current build is a Hardtail but I’m not willing to make it like all the other cookie cutter ones out there, I want something different, so time is not an issue to me. So far, so good…

  10. Dennis says:

    Dale – I was real interested in that because I have several sets from XS1100 sitting around, and I really like the symmetry of dual disks. Howsumever, I am not a machinist. Thanks for the reply.

  11. Dennis says:

    Also, I dig the front fork brace.

  12. Dale says:

    My pleasure, it’s not at all that difficult to do, and I’m pretty sure that the Xs1100’s are the same forks and trees as the 850’s, not positive on that though. Anyway the 650 stem should press into the 1100 trees and work just fine. Just don’t forget to weld the stem in place also,just to be safe. Good luck with it…

  13. 3Deuce27 says:

    @ Dale

    I didn’t meant to offend, my comments were about the bike, and it’s intended purpose, nothing personal was intended. You however feel no such restraint.

    If you knew who you were talking to you would not have made the comments you obviously felt you needed to make.

    As for my ability to ‘ride’, I raced Flat Track, Moto Cross, TT’s, and Enduros, in the late sixties and seventies with some success I might add, other wise I wouldn’t have been given a Bultaco factory works Astro to ride, and which I still have. I did some Road Racing in the early eighties until a bad ‘high side’ end that. I have also ridden a Suzuki DR 650 through and over seven Western states and from Oregon, past the Arctic Circle twice.

    I have owned several 650 Yamaha’s since 1971(still own them), and none of them are a ‘Dream to ride’ even my tuned and set-up Cafe Racer. The chassis just were not very good on these bikes. Ride a 650 Triumph/BSA and you will know what I’m talking about.

    I still have an unused road race chassis for the Yamaha 650 engine unit I got from a builder in England years ago. In the day, the Yamaha chassis was a throw away if you were serious about road handling or competitive racing be it Flat Track/TT’s or Road Race. Actually you threw everything away except the power unit.

    In the handling department Yamaha has come a long ways since those days, but they trailed Suzuki and Honda, who trailed the Brit, Italian, and Spanish bikes of the day. Suzuki was the first of the Asian bikes to finally got it down tight, and the rest is history.

    As for the ‘Norm’, actually thought you did a fair job on your concept bike and viewed it with interest and didn’t think it was misplaced here, though you might want to discuss that with Dale.

    Mostly I was trying to be funny based on my experience with these bikes and off road.

    My apologize if I offended you Dale…………3Deuce27

  14. Dale says:

    Well I guess it was a failed attempt at humor… anyway maybe you should write a book. You didn’t offend me and no apologies are necessary.

    I find that a fair percentage of ‘older’ people used to race (I’m in that category), I raced MX/SX-some Flat track (too boring for me) and Enduro. Have had my AMA card since 1977 I keep it for “track days” and other events, it still has it’s usefulness.

    Don’t want to turn this into some chest beating ‘pit talk’ or a dick measuring contest, so I’m just going to leave it at that.

  15. Dennis says:

    Dale – I also have a set of tubes/triple tree from an 850, maybe 2. Can’t recall if I’ve got the calipers or not. Might be worth thinking about them, instead. Also, I can say for sure, the 850 tubes are smaller than 1100; 37mm to 39mm, if my flailing memory isn’t failing. I know I couldnt use the fork badge from the 850 on the 1100 tubes. Thanks again for the insight. *breaks out the 50′ tape*

  16. fanoboss says:

    @ 3Deuce27, please desribe in detail the difference in the Yamaha frame to the Italian frame as far as handling on road goes. fanoboss@yahoo.com is my e-mail . If this is too much for me to ask of you, no problems and thanks just the same. fan